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Are Reed & Leather really Protective?

If it's home furniture, you're going to think about durability. Tuareg Mats provide that. These carpets are made out of Reed and/or leather. Thanks to this fact, Tuareg Mats have gained popularity among the rugged & durable club.


Much like a couch or a coffee table, you're going to want to consider durability when purchasing a carpet for your living room. After all, this is an investment that, with proper maintenance, will increase in value.

Those who appreciate durability when shopping for furniture, will surely notice these qualities in Tuareg Mats. These gorgeous carpets have become synonymous with resilience.

Two factors are at play, here. The first is its rugged materials. The second factor lies in the weavers' nimble fingers. Thanks to the techniques of weaving with reed & leather, these mats are awarded with the ability to withstand life's tiring demands.

Of course, this fact does not denounce the resilience of Wool Berber Rugs. Although woven with softer materials, Moroccan Wool Carpets are also resilient and can last for generations to come!

Before they made the journey to our studio in Marrakech, these mats were scattered in nestled villages across Morocco. In order to acquire these rugged Berber Carpets, we had to travel throughout these villages and transport* them all the way to Marrakech. And to those who cannot travel all the way to the Sahara Desert, we say: fear not! The Sahara Desert will pay you a visit! The colours of a Tuareg Mat perfectly depict the Sahara's golden atmosphere.

Sounds Good. African Rugs are Durable. What about how it looks?

Now, with durability crossed off your Berber Carpet List, it is time to think about appearance. It's still, however, the reason you're buying an African Rug. We felt that we had to address the durability part first because we receive many questions regarding their resilience.

One more thing — we like to sneak this in whenever we can. Reed is largely overlooked for its many eco-friendly uses. African Rug weavers managed to make use of this ancient gift — without realising that they're contributing to the environment!

If you're settled on the idea of purchasing a Tuareg Mat, then you probably have your decor figured out. You know where it's going to go, and which piece(s) it's going to match. And it's at this point that you may be stricken with confusion. If you do, worry not. That'll soon change to excitement, adoration — and then appeasement!


As avid Berber Carpet Collectors, we say, with certainty, that every single Berber Carpet has its distinct, unique charm. Each one emits a different atmosphere, and they all share a common trait — delight!

Whether it's a large, medium, small, or a Tuareg Mat Runner, it's always a delight when one of these Mauritanian Mats is in the centre of your home.

"Love how it looks! Now, can I feel it?"

Knowing How Does a Tuareg Mat Feel is important. You're also buying a Berber Carpet for its texture. Your hands, feet, and if you're adventurous, back, will touch the Tuareg Mat everyday.

However, if you're two continents away, that idea tends to sneak in a heavy weight on your mind. "What if I don't like how it feels?" you ask yourself. And it's fair to ask that. Not every Berber Carpet shop can easily return a carpet.

In some cases, a vital to note if what you're purchasing is a Vintage African Rug. When you see marks of genuine wear/tear, you'll know that your carpet is authentically handmade, and vintage.



Still, feeling if you feel that it's not what you really wanted, then it's within your full rights to ask for a replacement, or a refund.

Nomad33 allows you thirty jubilant days to discover, explore, and bond with your Berber Carpet. If the two of you seem to not get along, you can easily ask for a more a compatible match, join the Wool Berber Carpet Club, or ask us to issue a full refund!

Buy a Tuareg Mat  — Effortlessly

If we're going to leave you with one last piece of information, it's this:

Purchase what you honestly feel that is the ultimate fit. Whether it's an African Ruga Boujad Carpet, or a floor cushion.



Fogging your mind with shipping, returns, and pricing will only curtail your imagination.

Granted, it is wise and vital to consider all off them — we're just saying we're flexible!

Browse our array of Tuareg Mats, and cross the formalities bridge when you get there.

PS: We've got a moat! 🏰


*Take or carry (people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship — and in our case: on our backs, and adorable & lifesaving mules.*

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