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Embracing our Inherent, Sustainable, and Environmental Process!

Using high-minded rhetoric, accompanied by empty promises, many prominent businesses, across different sectors, have opted for this green ‘trend’.

Whether it’s a company that makes sodas, one that plans parties, or a rug manufacturer, some measures need to be taken to preserve the earth, reduce pollution, and create eco-friendly products. And since we’re rug specialists, we figured we’d shed some - natural - light on the matter.

The beauty of this business lies in its inherent sustainability and evergreen process. And while some pursue the greener route to increase growth and global competitiveness - we do it out of love and appreciation for the craft.

It’s important, now more than ever, to use sustainable, raw material when producing products - and countless reasons are in favour of this way.

First, and the one we’re excited about: you’re helping the earth. 

Secondly, in our - rugs - case, natural fibre rugs tend to be hypoallergenic and are great dirt repellers. Not to mention their natural, dapper look!

Although, most natural fibres aren’t great around moisture. The next time you decide to shop green, make sure to keep your rug out of bathrooms and moist areas.

At Nomad33, we’re all about sustainability. Our rugs are either woollen, silken, or bamboo. And, in some cases, we fuse them all and create one, inclusive, and ravishing rug.

Durable, flame-resistant, white gold: Wool.

Wool is rapidly renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. And in addition, it has inherent flame-resistant properties. And unlike most natural fibres, wool also has some natural water repellency.

Our ancestors figured that out and did what they do best: create eco-friendly, mesmerising rugs. The techniques were later passed on to their children - and those children grew up to be nimble, wary, and environmental Berber weavers!

Take a look at a couple of our most appreciated environment-friendly Moroccan Wool Rugs, and lets us know what you think!

This is Yeseid. A lush, soft, seamless Moroccan Rug with three black-dyed stripes on its surface.

Meet El Perpa. A simple, monochromatic, and elegant Moroccan Wool Rug.

Smooth, colourful, and kingly Fabric: Silk.

Silk fibre comes from nature. And to keep it as natural as possible, we make sure that the dyes we use are also eco-friendly. We avoid adding synthetic chemicals to the process, and preserve the silk’s purity.

Much like wool, silk is also an ancient, cultural heirloom. Techniques to weave silk into lush carpets were also passed on to Berber women of the Atlas Mountains - and we’re grateful!

Take a gander at this gorgeous creation!

Ruby. A red, lavish, and elegant Moroccan Silk Rug.

Rugged, natural, and wooden: The Tuareg Mat Collection.

North African culture has been conscious of sustainability long before the uncovering efforts of scientists. Centuries ago, African weavers made eco-friendly, environmental, and durable rugs. And these rugs persevered and reached the Atlas Mountains.

Awara, Kidal, and Tin Hinan are a few amongst many Tuareg Mats that are rugged, natural, and made with sustainable, Eco-friendly, raw materials.

Amanar. A rugged, wooden, and eco-friendly Tuareg Mat.

Recycled into something comfortable, useful, and beautiful!

Our Floor Cushions are made with Moroccan Vintage Rugs. Flawlessly cut, and perfectly sewn together, our Vintage Floor Cushions are recycled pieces that will adorn any setting - without costing mother earth anything!

Want to see for yourself? Check these gorgeous, eco-friendly pieces!

The Freyjas. Vintage Floor Cushions that hail from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains!

Raama. A pink, striped, and adorable piece of recycled art!

The whole process is green!

Berber women weavers in the Atlas Mountains are responsible for our recycled and eco-friendly delights. They understand, appreciate, and the planet earth in consideration.

And for that, they deserve to work in environmental, fair, and green conditions. The latter is quite literally available - since their headquarters is in the middle of a lush forest within the Atlas Mountains.

Our green weaving process omits the need for harming chemicals. We weave, dye, and produce our rugs according to sustainable guidelines and environmental processes.

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