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Fashionable, resistant, and enchanting Moroccan rugs

Our new collection - Fresh out of M’Rirt!

Passed on to us by our ancestors, the process of making authentic and traditional Moroccan rugs remains a passion. Our devotion and adoration for Morocco and its ancient heritage is allowing us to express our creativity, all while forming a harmonious partnership with skilled craftsmen that have been weaving since before they could walk.

Our new collection is a wide selection of masterpieces made by many designs. Some are precise and patterned, while others flaunt their colors in unison with the rugs’ various components.

There’s a lot that can be said about a rug, it all depends on what you’re fond of - for beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. A rug’s plush and soft-touch may amaze you, or you’ll be intrigued by its tightly knotted and rugged feel. Whichever it is, the masterful craftsmen of Beni M’rirt will certainly fulfill your desires. The artisans responsible for making all our rugs are hard-working men and women that have mastered the art of rug-weaving, and are doing the world a favor by continuing to make these pieces of art.

If you relate beauty with art, then our fashionable and professional designers will award you a pleasing appeal that will serve more than a role. You’ll have a dreamy rug on the floor that functions as a hand-sewn piece of art. A moment of boredom can be swept away by a simple glance at one of our contemporary rugs.

Our team is constantly designing new patterns and crafting various pieces that will eventually find a home somewhere on the globe. Join our joyous and artistic club of rug aficionados, if you aren’t one of us already, and delight in truly magnificent Moroccan rugs.

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