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What is more fragile than the little feet of our toddlers? During infancy, our children often fall and spend most of their time on the floor... Have you ever thought of integrating a soft surface on the floor of your child's room? To soften the life of our little ones is what all parents want. We have the solution!

A child's little feet need a soft and safe place to play. A sheep wool berber carpet will be perfect for this and will bring comfort to your little one's daily life. Have you ever thought of placing a small berber rug under your newborn's crib or bassinet? Or you can place a larger version on the floor of the nursery to create the perfect place for little falls, crawling and even first steps.

The environment in which our children grow up will determine the adults they will be tomorrow. We all want the best for our children. Decorations made in an industrial way with decorative objects manufactured in the chain, it is not the message that we want to leave behind. The quality of the materials used and their origin are a subject of increasing importance, rightly so, in our way of consuming.

If you also want to decorate your children's room with environmentally responsible productions, healthy and quality materials, handmade in the respect of a long-standing tradition? You should without any hesitation opt for a Moroccan decoration... Why?

We are going to explain you how the decoration made in Morroco answers all your expectations and much more to make the daily happiness of your children. You will understand how Berber rugs, Moroccan poufs and other typical Moroccan objects are produced and meet all the needs of a child's or teenager's room.

From the making to the use, the Moroccan way of interior decoration will make you change your mind and will make you want to redecorate all the children's rooms you know.

The best quality for our newborns

What is important to all of us is to get quality products and this is doubly so when it is for our child. Simply because we know that our children wear out the objects in their hands more quickly. This is why the decoration of your child's room requires the best materials, so that they last long and resist the small accidents of the daily life of our toddlers.

Sheep's wool is also known to be very resistant, and is therefore a good choice for children's playrooms. Since it comes in many colors, such as pink, blue, or yellow, you don't have to worry about coordinating them with the current decor of your child's room. One of our rugs is sure to fit your toddler's play area!

Even today, Moroccan rugs are woven by Berber tribeswomen and are still made from natural products, mainly sheep's wool from the Atlas Mountains. In respect of the environment and the animal, the wool is carefully shorn and dyed for the weaving of Berber carpets.

We have all tested standard carpets from large retailers that were initially soft and then started to lose their hair by large handfuls and ended up almost rough to the touch. The pile of the Moroccan carpet is resistant, soft and silky and that without lasting limit of time...

With a Moroccan carpet with long pile as with short pile, you can be sure that each time your child will touch it he will keep this feeling of being playing on a cloud because the quality of the wool is of the highest quality.

Handmade as unique as our toddlers

As parents our main mission is to pass on values to our children and to future generations. Since each Berber carpet is handmade, choosing this type of carpet is also a way to show our children how important it is to support traditions, handicrafts and the production of unique pieces.

Berber carpets, as they are hand woven, are no two alike. Thus, each carpet has a distinct beauty of its own, making each one a unique work of art as much as our children.

Authenticity, being oneself, assuming one's personality and not following group effects are things that we teach our children. Just like the sometimes-strong character of our children, a Moroccan carpet is unique and it allows us to transform our words into actions. Make the choice of the unique because your children are too!

Practical to make everyday life easier

Parents know it very well: a child is quick to mess up, spills easily, draws on all the supports even the most improbable... In short, a child has life and it shows! That's why when we think about the decoration of our children's room, one criterion is essential: the cleaning. Do you know what? Contrary to popular belief, Moroccan carpets are easy to clean and optimal... Yes, you heard me right: easy!

One of the most appreciated characteristics of our carpets include the fact that they are durable, robust and have an incredibly long life. The art of weaving Berber rugs is passed down from generation to generation but so are the rugs because they are exceptionally durable.

Moroccan carpets are also very easy to maintain: apart from an occasional standard cleaning, they do not require any particular complicated or expensive maintenance.

The only thing you need to do when your child soils his or her play mat is to keep the Berber rugs looking good by immediately cleaning up stains and spills so they don't become embedded, and vacuuming whenever you deem it necessary. No more and no less! The wool of Moroccan rugs is not difficult to maintain.

A use through the ages

Children grow up fast, even too fast! As soon as you prepare the decoration of your baby's room, he will be on all fours, crawling and very quickly walking in all directions... Beyond that, in the blink of an eye your little blonde head will turn into a pre-teen who pouts for nothing and then into a young teenager asking to go on vacation with his friends. The Moroccan decoration adapts throughout the evolution of your child. Accompanying him from the cradle to his teenage room, the Moroccan carpet will always find its place and its good use in the room of your child whatever his age.

The wool carpet on which your child will make its constructions of Lego will also be used to bask on it for hours on the telephone in its adolescence. The object of the Moroccan decoration which can also follow your child at all the ages, it is the Moroccan pouf. The Berber pouf can be used as a seat or footrest. It can be used as a coffee table or side table, finally it can be used to put his bag and clothes in a corner of the room or as a seat in front of a desk or a dressing table for the greatest happiness of your offspring.

At any stage of your child's life, the Moroccan decoration, high quality, practical and chic at the same time will meet the needs of your toddler!

Originality to develop creativity

Painting, drawing, creating are often words that we leave to the artists but that we often associate with childhood because it is the period when our imagination develops. No need to be a great painter to give life to his creativity!

Berber carpets are so original and unique in their appearance, texture, size, shape, colors and patterns... When a newborn or a child is surrounded by such objects, it undeniably stimulates his senses and contributes to forge his artistic sense. A simple wool carpet can thrill your child's senses every time he enters his room.

Moroccan rugs come in different shades of color such as ivory, beige, saffron yellow, sky blue, earth red or light brown often with black accented patterns.

The bright colors, the ethnic patterns, the soft touch and the unusual shapes of Moroccan rugs will stimulate your child's imagination and leave more room for his creativity.

You will have understood it: all the conditions are joined together so that the Moroccan carpet is appropriate like carpet of awakening, carpet of plays, descent of bed or space cocooning in the room of your child from 0 to 20 years!

Don't wait any longer, come now to choose the carpetwhich will caress the first steps of your toddler. The quality of the wool, the art of hand weaving, the practicality, the easy cleaning and the creative inspiration of each Berber carpet will accompany a soft and warm daily life in your child's room.


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