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Berber carpets are products of a thousand-year-old culture in the mountains. These carpets are made exclusively by hand by women from rural tribes with very soft wool from the very special fleece of sheep. In making these carpets, the women include in these masterpieces: their feelings, their culture, etc. But do you know that these Moroccan carpets are not limited to carpets? We will tell you in this article, the other uses of these masterpieces.


1- Decorations

The most famous of all. Even in the most ancient times, Berber carpets have always been used as decoration. Because of this uniqueness, the presence of Berber rugs in your home is impressive. It instantly sublimates the room by giving it a whole new style much more cozy. These carpets will seduce you easily for its traditional, timeless, ethnic and trendy side. It speaks a geometric language specific to Berber tribes; the patterns are very present and expressive, subtly graded and unique.

You can put it in the living room to give life to a whole house. You can also put it in your bedroom to ensure a soft night. Some people put their Berber rugs in their own office. Often, the office represents a rather cold and lifeless world. With the bright colors of these rugs, your office will change forever.

There are not only pictures you can put on your wall, when you have Berber rugs. It's one of the rare privileges of having these rugs because rarely are rugs that you can put, both, down and on the wall.


2- Wedding gift

Berber rugs and Moroccan culture are two sides of the same coin. Carpets are always present in every important event such as weddings for example. Originally, Berber carpets were mainly intended for domestic use and, in the Berber tradition, they were also part of the wedding dowry. Similarly, according to the economic vagaries of the households, the carpet has always been and still is a definite economic value. In other words, you can give carpets as a gift for the engaged couple or the wedding. Jean Léon l'Africain even confirmed it, in the 16th century, when he explained that the carpet was one of the gifts of the brides of Fez: "We always give a wool carpet of about twenty cubits and three blankets, one side of which is a sheet".

Not to mention that the patterns on the rugs represent different symbols. In the case of an engagement or a wedding, for example, it is better to give the rugs that symbolize fertility. It's a matter of putting yourself in the context.

You will have multitudes of choices in each of the characteristics of the carpets that exist in Morocco, namely the Berber carpet Beni Ouarain.


 3- Official gift

Berber carpets can also be present in the most official areas. Since the Middle Ages, the carpet was one of the gifts of foreign embassies or was used in the princely caravan where beautiful silk fabrics with gold thread and carpets were mounted on the camels.

Friendship is not only important in the personal domain. In diplomatic, political or official circles, friendship or relationship is important. There is nothing like an authentic (handmade) carpet to keep a friendship or a relationship that you cherish because apart from the visuals of these carpets, there is also authenticity at the core.

For Moroccans, it will be an export of culture to the world. For the receiver, it will be the opening with other cultures.   


4- Use it outdoors

Generally speaking, when we talk about a carpet, these are products intended to be used in an enclosed space such as a house. For Berber carpets, this is different because carpets could become the roof, doors, wallsor partitions of a house.

The "table" of most Moroccan households, whether in a house or a tent, is a large rectangular rug covering a couch. The vibrant colors and patterns of the rugs brighten up homes, and the usually dimly lit riads of villages and cities.

In today's modern society, if you own a Berber carpet, you can use it anywhere you want: in your garden, in parks or in the desert. During an outing with friends, a family outing, an outing with colleagues do not hesitate to show your originality through your Berber carpets.

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