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We all know someone who has a beautiful apartment in the city but has only roughly decorated their vacation home on the coast. Your family home in Brittany or Cap-Ferret could also use a little sprucing up? Vacationing away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities is good, but feeling comfortable is better! Just because your country home is a country setting doesn't mean that its interior design has to be rustic.

What we like to do on vacation is to relax and unwind, and of course that means spending long hours sipping lemonade on the terrace in the summer or reading a good book by the fire in the winter. No matter what your vacation program, the season or the weather, what we are all looking for during our stay in the countryside is a change of scenery, calm and comfort.

The Moroccan decoration will be able to answer all your waitings and will be appropriate perfectly that your secondary residence that it is in the South, the North, the East or in the West of the country. A Moroccan carpet can be used indoors and outdoors, in your living room, your bedroom or your terrace it will always add that little something that will make your vacations softer and warmer.

Perhaps you are hesitating to redecorate your temporary home because you are only spending a few weeks of the year there? We are going to give you the reasons that will make you pass the step of the Moroccan decoration in your house of seaside, your country cottage in the mountain or your farmhouse surrounded with pastures...


Our second homes are often old, authentic, sometimes from a family heritage... It is complicated to update a building from the last century without denoting it and while enhancing its attributes. However, the rustic side pleases because it gives a whole other atmosphere to a house, it is typical, but when that borders on the old-fashioned it is advisable to refresh the decoration!

A simple Moroccan carpet will be enough to give back its youth to your house of vacations! The different styles of Berber carpets, ranging from the sober with colors and classic patterns will give elegance to your room. While traditional rugs with multiple geometric shapes and bright colors will give energy to the space.

If your vacation home has old, damaged or dull flooring, a Berber rug in a light color like off-white or beige will immediately revive the room by camouflaging your floor to enhance the space and furniture of your choice.

Adding a rug to a room made of old materials instead of undertaking renovation work is also a low-cost solution with many advantages. The Moroccan carpet is very resistant over time, it will caress your feet with softness and of course you will never get tired of its originality.


In all seasons the Berber carpet is useful and pleasant. Did you know that Moroccan carpets are made from natural wool sheared from the sheep of the Atlas Mountains? The properties of the wool of sheep are numerous. The first is its great softness providing an incredible sensation to the touch. The long-wet nights of autumn will not have the same allure with a Berber carpet under your feet.

Some Berber rugs with short pile are ideal to be used outside and cover the ground of a terrace or even be used occasionally in a garden at the time of the big family tables under the trees planted by the grandfather.

A simple Tuareg mat can be enough during the warmer seasons to cover the ground without adding too much heat to the room. Mats have long been used by nomads in the Sahara, so they are perfect for warmer weather.


When we go to our vacation home it is primarily to change air, we are looking for a change of scenery, we want to forget the gloom of everyday life in big cities. There is nothing like decorating your vacation home in the Moroccan style to feel even more like being on vacation and to disconnect.

This way you will feel like you are traveling farther than you are. Your cottage or coastal house will look like a Riad in Marrakech. The colors will remind you of the stalls of the souk and will make you want to relax around a good mint tea.

The journey is a discovery. By redecorating your vacation home in the Moroccan style, you will feel transported and stimulated in your desires to travel. Bring Morocco to your home with a simple Berber carpetor a Moroccan pouffe. Your stays in the country will be more intense. Your search for authenticity will be fulfilled.

Even if you choose to spend your vacations on the sofa of the family house you will have the feeling to have seen the country with one or two Berber carpets.


It is important to relax when you are on vacation. The cozy atmosphere of Moroccan decor is ideal for a peaceful and pleasant vacation.

A Berber carpet will give warmth to any room and a Moroccan pouffe will bring a lot of comfort contributing to create a cosy cocoon. Vacations are guaranteed to be warm and comfortable at the same time!

Most importantly, when you put your feet up on a Moroccan pouf to watch a movie during your vacation, you won't want to take them off. The simple touch of a Berber carpet under your feet will make the weight of long weeks of work fall away for a well-deserved vacation.

Create a real cocoon to feel always comfortable and relaxed in your second home, seaside cottage or mountain chalet. Try the Moroccan decoration and you will not wish to put the feet in the stores of decoration of big distribution.


During our vacations, we all want to take advantage of our artistic side. Being on vacation is good, but being on vacation in an inspiring environment is better. Ethnic-chic decoration made of Berber carpets, Moroccan poufs, wrought iron lamps is inspiring because it is full of history!

In such an environment you will also find inspiration to finally start drawing again, start writing songs or perfect your art of clay sculpture. When we feel good in a place, we are more inclined to express ourselves.

The exoticism of the decorationmade in Morocco will revive your creativity. Your vacations will be a time to recharge your batteries. The intensity of the art of weaving, ethnic and traditional motifs representing each tribe and symbolizing their histories and beliefs.

There are as many possibilities to design your vacation home as there are Moroccan rugs in our collection. Ethnic, classic, vintage or original designs are sure to complement the walls of your family home. Sober or bright colors will give a special touch to any floor covering. The wide choice of dimensions as well as the made-to-measure option that we offer are assets that make Moroccan decoration adaptable to any place!

Your cottage or your vacation home will have lost its old look, you will no longer hesitate to spend long weekends there. If you were still hesitating before ordering your Berber carpet, you no longer have any reason to wait. Go to our website now to contact our teams who will accompany you to find or make the ideal carpet for your family home!

You will rejuvenate your interior, while having the possibility of using this decoration all year long and you will feel a change of scenery! Most importantly, a Moroccan rug and a couple of Berber poufs can turn a vacation in Grandma's old country house into a relaxing and inspiring vacation!

Visit our website now to discover a large collection of Moroccan rugs, which one will match the rustic or country style of your second home? Which Moroccan rug will transform your mountain chalet into a real cozy nest? You tell us!

Even your weekends in Normandy will look like Essaouira with an ethnic-chic decoration! Come and choose your Berber carpet to enhance your seaside home and make your vacations as soft as the sheep's wool used to weave them.

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