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Weaving Berber Carpets is Tiring. Take 3 Minutes to Know a Little More About The People Behind these Gorgeous Creations!

Unforgiving, harsh, and sometimes unbelievable conditions take over the Atlas Mountains. And in order to survive these conditions, Berber artisans had to get creative. That's where Berber Carpets come in! Whether they're Boujad Carpets, a Beni Ourain Rug, or any type of Wool Berber Rug, really, these floor coverings will surely do the trick!

In order to fulfil the need to stay warm and cope with a remorseless winter, Berber craftsmen are using different Moroccan Berber Rugs as the seasons progress.

Winter – When Berber Carpets are Vital

Starting off with Winter, a season where cold weather and the need to stay warm are vital things to think about. These rugs fulfil the obvious need and provide warmth and softness to villagers. Instead of sitting on blisteringly cold floors, the villagers weave woollen rugs to serve as floor coverings or extra blankets that award extra warmth on really cold nights.

close up of a berber boujad rug

Various nomadic Berber tribes lived in huts, caves, or any places that's fit to protect them and provide shelter. And thanks to these woollen masterpieces, nomads decided to use them as partitions and hung them at entrances in order to keep the wind out.

Spring – A Time to Enjoy Moroccan Rugs!

A season of jolly and green. When Spring arrives, the weather becomes merciful. The sun awards warmth and a bright atmosphere, and the lambing season begins! 

close up of a berber wool carpet next to a chair

Herds [sheep, lambs] are a favourable and precious resource for Berber craftsmen. Not only do they use wool to weave Berber Wool Rugs, but they also get natural & nutritious food. And as Spring takes over the mountains, Berber villagers take this opportunity to nourish their herds.

Spring is a season of preparation. Once the sheep are shorn, the craftsmen, and women, spin the wool and prepare it for further use. The next season is happy, and they're getting ready for it!

Berber Wool Rugs? During Summer?

It's sunny outside. Everyone's feeling jubilant, and there's an overflow of resources. Thanks to the kind weather, some villagers take time off from weaving Berber Carpets. Instead, many choose to relax, rest, and prepare themselves, emotionally & physically, for what's to come. 

Some even go the extra mile and use their Boujad Carpet with a hammock. Entering a setting where a colourful, attractive, and appealing Berber Carpet will compel you to start chanting "My turn, my turn!" in excitement!

Some Berber families take on guests during the summer. It's an opportunity to socialise with different backgrounds, earn & save money, as well as provide a stellar chance for outsiders to explore God's lush, beautiful, green earth!

Autumn – It's Time to Prepare. But First, A Celebration!

Summer has come and gone. And the chills of a harsh winter start lurking by. To most, that's an indication to 'stop playing about and get down to business'. But, that's no reason to be pessimistic.

Instead, the Berbers start the Autumn in a cheerful way!

Autumn starts with a celebration, Imilchil Wedding Festival. A festival that reminds the locals ancient commemoration of love, and it provides an opportunity to put all the of Summer's handicraft to use.

After a couple of weeks, the Berbers must ready their herd and 'leftover' Berber Carpets to trade in weekly Souks. Which will allow them to continue their harsh adventure through winter, and weave some more.

We're Nomads By Nature!

We work closely with Berber artisans. And that made us understand the nomadic culture of Berber tribes. In addition, half of our team members are either Berber nomads, or come from a nomadic family. It's a personal matter to us, and of course, to our customers. 

Whenever you purchase a Berber Carpet from us, you automatically aid a Berber family. Thanks to their art, and people who appreciate art, numerous Berber families are gradually progressing through life and developing new ways to stay comfortable, warm, and able to do what they love for another day!

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