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New Year is the ideal time for a fresh start because it brings with it new beginnings, chances, and loads of promise after the chaotic 2022 we've just experienced. Therefore, our guide is here to help you find the best New Year's Eve decorating concept for your home, whether you want to end the year with an exciting countdown or a romantic night for two.

Adding Moroccan charm to your home is easy by selecting a Moroccan rug. These rugs are beautiful and cozy since they are made by Berber women in Morocco. They can be square, circular, or any number of other shapes. You can locate a rug to match your individual style because many of these carpets are one of a kind.


The Benefits of Owning a Hand-woven Moroccan Rug for the new year


Owning a hand-woven Moroccan rug has several benefits, including gorgeous design and durability. Moroccan rugs are prized for their technical attributes, such as their skillful utilization of fibers and exceptional tensile strength. The authentic tribal Moroccan berber rugs give every room personality. Rugs from Nomad 33 STUDIO collection are particularly lovely and a wonderful way to add a touch of Morocco to any room.

If you wish to purchase a hand-woven Moroccan rug, you must be aware that these rugs are not created by individuals who simply throw some wool on the ground and call it a rug. Instead, they are produced by artisans who follow a tradition that has been handed down through the years in small towns. 

Moroccan carpets are the ideal accent element for any interior design project, whether you're going for a modern or minimalist design. They offer gorgeous, distinctive looks and hues that are likely to improve the appearance of any area. Additionally, because of their great versatility, you can include them into a bigger interior design project. How adaptable and fashionable a hand-woven Moroccan rug may amaze you!

In the past, wool was turned into yarn and then twisted into the fibers used to weave rugs. The rug's pattern is then created by knotting the fibers together. The wool is then dyed naturally with various hues to produce a colorful design. The hand-woven Moroccan rug is ultimately a one-of-a-kind work of art that will endure for many years. A lovely piece of furniture or the ideal present for any home.


What Makes Nomad33 studio Rugs Unique for the new year decoration?


A classic hand-woven carpet from Morocco is known as a gorgeous piece of art. The country's indigenous people have been weaving rugs since Paleolithic times, although not for aesthetic purposes. Most likely, you've never seen this kind of rug before. It has become a classic option for both traditionaland modern environments thanks to its distinctive form, soft yet durable surface, and diverse patterns.


The Boucherouite was originally only created with the tunic's waste fabrics. With the creation of these distinctive rugs, Berber women now carry on this heritage. These antique rugs are a priceless one-of-a-kind treasure, despite the fact that many contemporary rugs are mass-produced.

A Beni Ourainrug is the ultimate of contemporary refinement and has a distinctive design. Typically, the thick pile-woven rug's abstract symbolism and geometric designs are black. Originally, the wool of an ancient breed of sheep was used to create this particular sort of Moroccan rug. This rug is still regarded as one of the most opulent Moroccan creations in existence today. In addition to being sought after by professionals and collectors of old Oriental rugs, regular people like them for their eternal creative worth.


A Boujaadis a fantastic option if you're seeking for an actual Moroccan rug that represents the nation's rich tradition. Boujaad carpets are made in the countryside and have mysterious patterns and stylish hues. They are a great option for contemporary decor because they include elements of traditional Moroccan lives into the design. They frequently have patterns that allude to childbearing and feminist concepts.


The Elegant TaznakhtBerber Rug is not a simple hand-made item. It has long been practiced. These Items have strong roots that you can discover. The rug conveys a way of thinking through its color and imagery. At one point in time throughout history, these carpets enjoyed great fame. Taznakht rugs were a symbol of social standing and financial success. Symbols and geometric patterns seen on the Taznakht carpet are instances of semi-logical language.


Any room will be improved by the gorgeous Beni Mguild rug!   The large piles, tight knots that can measure 4 inches or more in height, and washed-out appearance that gives Beni M'guild rugs their ancient appeal make them easily recognizable. The Middle Atlas region's hues are well captured in the ochre or red backgrounds of many rugs from the Beni M'Guild collection.


Looking for where to purchase these pieces of art?


The best place to buy a Moroccan rug is online, where you can be sure you're obtaining an authentic item. Depending on the tribe and area, different materials are utilized to make these rugs. Moroccan rugs are hand-woven, although their hues are comparable. The same is true of their design and symbolism. The resulting hybrid rugs can blend many designs and are very lovely. Check our collection of eye-catcher Berber rugs!

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