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What's a M'rirt Wool Rug? and why is it special?

the 'Mrirt' in M'rirt Wool Rug.

In a vast land of green lies M’rirt; a village nestled deep within Khénifra, Morocco. A small town with a small population. But, what they lack in numbers of people, they make up for in terms of kindness, hospitality, and top-notch Mrirt Wool Rugs. 

M'rirt Wool Rug at an Art Gallery
Crinoline. A gorgeous, smooth Moroccan Wool Rug.
The people of M’rirt have taken the art of rug weaving from their ancestors. And much like any other technique of weaving, this one goes through numerous and complicated steps that result in the making of an authentic Mrirt Wool Rug.

Different Moroccan Rug Weaving Techniques.

Berber M'rirt Weavers
The difference in Beni M’rirt’s technique of weaving and rug making is noticeable. A traditional M’rirt Wool Rug is double knotted and with a dense pile of natural wool. M’rirt rugs are also known to use exceptional wool quality. The craftsmen, and amazing women, pack the sheared wool on a vertical loom using a metal comb. This results in an almost silky texture of the wool that will definitely become your feet’s best companion for times to come.

Most of them have geometric designs that are precise and breathtaking. Their designs usually symbolise a myriad of values and attributes, some represent fertility, some strength, while others are held as protection totems. M’rirt’s history and heritage never cease to amaze everyone who’s exposed to their glorious culture. 

While many of our customers go for more contemporary and abstract designs, some remain loyal to the old fashioned Moroccan design. To each Mrirt Wool Rug a virtue, and to each person a preference. Our collection joins the two and provides the ultimate marketplace for authentic, hand-sewn Moroccan Wool Rugs.

A Compelling, varied, resourceful Marketplace! 

Rug aficionados, connoisseurs, and interior designers withal continue to be taken by M’rirt’s fine quality and meticulous artisans. This region’s rugs are perfect for any surface, durable, and make for amazing bed throws.

You can have the Atlas mountains’ essence delivered to you - in the form of a luxurious, warm and gorgeous Mrirt Wool Rug.

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