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Brilliant! Both my husband and I LOVE our new rug! It perfectly matches our furniture. What’s also great is it’s soft and smooth feeling! The design is just amazing, and we can’t stop staring at it! Love your rugs, amazing work!

Helen C. U.K

The rug we got covers our whole area, and we really love that! Great customer support, quick delivery time, and absolutely staggering rugs! Love your genuine work and enthusiasm. More power to you!

Rema P. U.K

One was for the living room, and the other was for Tammy’s (5-year-old daughter) room and everyone is happy about their rug!! We appreciate the soft texture and smooth feel. Thank you for a great rug, and great service!

Tereson A. U.S

We love your rugs. We got a runner, and it’s the best purchase we’ve made in the last 4 months. My wife and I have already planned a trip to Morocco, once we’re fully able to, we’ll surely visit your studio & gallery!

Alan S. U.S

I’ve been looking for a warm and cosy rug for years now, and I’m glad I happened to find your rugs. I really love the quality of the rugs and the gorgeous designs! I will certainly visit your local when I’m in Morocco.

Lana E. Sweden

Buying a rug was an amazing experience. I enjoyed everything, from the rug material to its artistic design. Me and my wife both appreciate your work! Great job NOMAD33, thanks for your products and friendly support! We will definitely visit you.

Alfred A. Denmark

Beautiful carpets you’ve got! I’ve managed to ship one to my mother in the UK and one for myself. The whole process didn’t take as much as I had anticipated. I’m surprised and delighted! Lovely products, I’m considering a silk rug for the future!

Annika J. U.K

I felt the warmth of the rug as soon as I laid it in my bedroom. I don’t think I’ll be leaving this place anytime soon! All of your designs are lovely, which made the process of picking a rug quite challenging!

Linn T. U.K

I adore your creative and artistic rugs, all of them! I made my decision the second I set my eyes on Kyoto. I love your team’s friendly and cheerful attitude. The nomad33 team was helpful and very professional. Thank you!!

Christie M. U.S

I got my runner carpet two days ago, and i love it! It does not have that strong smell like other new carpets. Emerald was the rug i chose and it is a runner rug. Very beautiful designs guys, it’s also smooth and very soft!!

Nicole P. Russia

I have always wondered how my living room would look with a big rug in the middle. And now, thanks to your gorgeous rug, I know it looks amazing! I’m officially a rug person now! Helpful customer support, and quick arrival time as well!

Kasey A. U.S

Wonderful rugs. I’ve fallen in love with the way they’re woven, especially the large, and the designs make a room feel homier. And since I’ve got two pets (dogs) I had to first see how they react to the rug. And they seem to love it!

Ria C. U.K

After years of contemplating whether or not to get a carpet for my study, my wife convinced me by showing me your website. I have to say that I was intrigued. I’m a fan of simple designs. They tend to relax me, and the one I got surely does the trick! Thank you!

Dan C. U.S

Thank you nomad 33! I’m satisfied with my purchase, and I’ve already recommended you in my office. Great products with wonderful designs! I got Vasarely for my living room, and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Dorothy M. U.S

I chose Endless, and I’m glad I did. It went out of stock right after I had purchased it. Love the design and the carpet’s material. It feels rugged and looks magical especially beneath the sofas and coffee table! Would definitely recommend!

Charlotte H. U.S

I visited Morocco two years ago, and I was hesitant at the time and ended up not buying a rug, and I’m glad I didn’t. I purchased the rug Divinity from you, and that made me feel glad I didn’t get a rug two years ago! Love all your rugs, wonderful support!

Nancy W. U.S

My living room is spacious, and I’ve always encountered hurdles whenever I decided to lay a rug, until I met Guinevere! It’s definitely one of the most beautiful rugs I’ve seen, I was quick to get it as well! And thanks a bunch to your customer support!

Gretchen B. U.K

Artistic designs and swift support. I appreciate your hasty replies and professional stance as well. I’m happy with the carpet I purchased (Zibeline) and I would really like to see you produce more rugs with a monochromatic nature.

Robert D. U.S

I literally just got my rug, and I was surprised to not notice any kind of odor. Usually, whenever I unpack a rug, a strong smell hits you that you’ll have to wait it out, but not with your rugs! I’m also surprised by its design up close. Love it! Thank you!

Amelia O. U.K

Not one day after I’ve discovered the nomad33 website, I’ve bought a colourful piece of art! I chose the Crystalsong rug and I’m more in love with my bedroom now! Your customer service is hugely supportive, thanks a lot!

Beatrice P. U.K

It’s always amazing to stumble upon artists. During my trip in Marakech I came across many gorgeous rugs that were handwoven and traditional. You have a beautiful culture, love your work, and my new rug!

Elly Stans. U.K

It’s always amazing to stumble upon artists. During my trip in Marakech I came across many gorgeous rugs that were handwoven and traditional. You have a beautiful culture, love your work, and my new rug!

Carmen H. U.K

I love your runner rug collection. Every single one is simply amazing, I absolutely love them all! I had already decided to decorate my hall, and when I discovered your runners I instantly contacted you! Lovely work!!

Stacy S. U.S

You know a rug is perfect when someone who isn’t interested in carpets falls in love with your rugs! I purchased two of your rugs and convinced both my parents to decorate their living room and bedroom. They absolutely love them!

Stacy S. U.S

The patterns in the rug I got are just mesmerising. Very detailed and well built. The one I got is called Harmony, and I can’t stop staring at the beehive shape in it. My toddler son surely loves it, I think it’s because of the wool! Thanks for the amazing rug :)

Diane C. U.k

I never saw designs like this when I visited Morocco five years ago. I’m more intrigued now, thanks to your designs. Some of the tribal designs really got to me. Great rugs, great support, keep up the good work!

Jenny W. U.S

I have two pets at home, and they absolutely adore rolling over the new rug! And I understand them because I love laying on it as well! I got the Venus rug, and it’s comfortable and very rugged. Thank you for the quality, very resilient and beautiful.

Ella W. U.k

I bought a traditional and beautiful rug from a BAZAR in Morocco a couple of years earlier, but it faded quickly and one of the biggest issues I had was its odor. The one I have now, DALI, from NOMAD33 is exactly the opposite. No odours and it looks perfectly dyed!

Mike L. U.S

My parents were both big carpet fans. I grew up with rugs around the house. And your designs are stunning. I’ve been contemplating the possibility of purchasing a Moroccan rug for too long. It was until I discovered Aksel, artistic and soft!

Sara A. U.S

My rug was a gift from my brothers, and I’m really grateful. I wanted to make sure to leave a review since I loved it. Its name is Sorolla and it’s the best birthday gift! Thanks to everyone who took part in making it! Marvellous work!

Vinny H. U.S

The rug I got, Rudy, was the turning point. I’m a rug person now! I’ve never been interested by rugs but your designs proved to be captivating. Love all of your designs and your friendly support. Good work!

Dominik K. U.S