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What did you immediately think of to decorate your living room, your library corner or even the waiting room of your office? Did you tell yourself that the starting point of your decorating should be the curtains or the light fixture? Certainly not! One of the first things that comes to mind when designing a living room is the type and color of sofa.

Usually, we first think about the important furniture and then we harmonize the room with the right accessories according to the style of sofa. Then comes the big headache of finding the right decorative objects. Sometimes we have an idea in mind but it is simply impossible to get our hands on the vase, the curtains, the shelf or the carpetof our dreams... For the question of the carpet, don't worry anymore!

Have you thought of adorning your living room with a Moroccan carpet? There are Berber carpets of very different styles, colors and patterns and specific to each Berber tribe. The choice is so wide that there is inevitably a Moroccan carpet that will match perfectly with the kind of your sofa.

Whether you have opted for a corner sofa, a meridian, a futon or even a chaise longue, there is a Moroccan carpet to match your sofa! The trick is just to know which one will succeed in blending with the rest of your room and especially with your sofa and your armchairs...

We have explored for you all the characteristics of Berber carpets, so that they have no secret for you. Don't worry, you'll see for yourself: redecorating your home and choosing your sofa has never been easier than when we gave you the idea of Moroccan-style decoration and its famous Berber rugs!

Depending on the type of sofa you have, we will suggest you some ideas of decoration and association with a Moroccan carpet:

A corner sofa

Corner sofas are perfect for those long, rainy afternoons watching a series all bundled up! This is a spacious, open and generous type of sofa as it has a lot to offer in terms of comfort and space. The corner sofas are often modern in a very clean and classic style.

We therefore advise you to enhance the tone of your corner sofa with a Beni Ouarain carpet. They are traditionally decorated with symbolic motifs specific to the beliefs, rituals and world views of each of the Moroccan Berber communities of the Atlas and elsewhere. Beni Ouarain rugs are often ecru, black or white, with linear and geometric shapes. This is why they go well with modern corner sofas, as they accentuate the minimalist feel while adding a slight ethnic touch.

A sofa bed

We have all known the sofa beds that are often called "clic-clac". It is still very common to come across "clics-clacs" in Parisian apartments sometimes cramped, the collocation of students and young workers or simply to decorate the corner office of the house and receive the family on summer vacations.

The bench-beds have very often a relatively low seat. They are proudly used to welcome friends on weekends but adding a bit of softness to their sometimes too all-purpose look would not be too much. We therefore suggest that you opt for a "shaggy" carpet with long pile. Shaggyrugs: they look great and add warmth and drama to your space.

A couch

In a living room or a library, a couch is an element as elegant as it is intriguing. The couch breaks the rules of parallelism. Having an armrest on one side but not on the other, the couch is designed for sitting as much as for lying down. Challenging linearity, in many senses of the word, is a bit of a mission for the couch.

It's not easy to choose a rug that will look good next to a couch. Whether it's leather, fabric or velvet, a couch makes a statement, which is why we suggest you choose a vintage Moroccan rug.

Depending on the color and material of your couch, you can opt for a vintage carpet in more traditional colors, such as beige, brown and ochre, if your couch is extravagant. However, if your couch is in more sober shades such as gray, taupe or off-white; we advise you to opt for a sparkling and fresh vintage rug in shades of fuchsia pink, blood orange or emerald green!

The couch is often considered the most "therapeutic" seating; add a vintage Moroccan rug to its feet and it will also become the trendiest ethnic-chic seating.

A meridian

The meridian that we discovered in the 1930s has evolved. Regularly updated, the meridian is not only made for lying down but also for lounging.

With an elegant meridian, almost self-sufficient, it is advisable to place a carpet that has cachet, "bagou" as we say in the jargon! We suggest you associate it with a type of carpet that leaves no one indifferent: the Mrirt carpet.

The Mrirt carpet, coming from the Berber tribe bearing the same name is often decorated with abstract forms in a contemporary style but often using striking colors. If you follow our advice, try as much as possible to harmonize the shade of your meridian with the colors of your Moroccan carpet. For example, a mustard yellow sofa will go perfectly with a cian or magenta Mrirt carpet. On the contrary, if your sofa is in a more ordinary color such as beige, gray or black: dare to use a multicolored Mrirtcarpet! The mixture of several tones on the same carpet accentuates the contrasts and gives relief to the space while emphasizing the meridian.

A heater

Whether it is in a child's room, a relaxation area, a corridor or a living room, the heater is an interesting object that we all know. Placed on the floor, the heater already inspires conviviality and relaxation by the posture that one must adopt to sit on it, often with legs crossed in fan.

The heater is surely the seat that by essence invites the most to take tea in the Moroccan way. A Berber carpet is the accessory to add to the room to really create an atmosphere as exotic as chic!

If your heater is made from fabric in sober colors, we advise you to associate it with a Boucherouite carpet. This is a type of carpet colored but often retaining linear and / or geometric patterns. However, if your heater is already colored, it may be appropriate to opt for a Taznakhtcarpet. These are carpets that are much more classic in their colors but very expressive in their patterns which are essentially symbols and often attract the curiosity of some and others to try to decipher the ancestral messages.

 A sofa

The sofa is undeniably the largest and most widespread seating and often very practical. The sofa is a great classic, so to accompany it, it needs at least a carpet that also has a reputation that is no longer to be repeated: the carpet Boujad!

The carpet Boujada for a few years made a smashing entry into our living rooms. With its allure of abstract art, it is distinguished and authentic at the same time. The idea is to highlight your sofa, so it would be wise to harmonize the colors from the start. The Boujad carpet is made of different shades which allows you to associate it with many elements of interior decoration.

You will have understood, there is always a Berber carpet which sticks to your decoration! If the carpet of your dreams does not really exist: think of custom-made.

A meridian, a sofa, a sofa bed or a couch, there is inevitably the adequate Berber carpet! Don't wait any longer, take the first step and go quickly to consult the large choice of Moroccan carpets that we have in stock. You will fall for one of our carpets, that's for sure, you will even want to decorate your living room with some Moroccan poufs, as artistic as comfortable, for a Moroccan style always more pronounced and coveted in the whole world!

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The shaggy effect is as delicate as a cloud! The shaggy carpet will make your sofa bed a little cozier and will make your friends want to stay there even more.

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