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When was the Beginning of Moroccan Wool Rugs?

Before Wool Rugs - There Were Tribes!

Morocco’s unique location has given it many virtues. The country was affected by different cultures. They shaped what Morocco is today, and it has given it an alluring culture that attracts people from all over the globe.

Morocco was influenced by a mixture of African tribes from the Sahara desert, European colonizers, and Arab neighbours. All these cultures have created a happy, diverse mixture that made Morocco what it is today.

Be it cuisine, language, ways to decorate a home or architecture, Morocco will surely take your breath away. And as time passes, things change.

Contemporary art took over, abstract designs became popular, and Morocco, as it usually does, adapted to the trends.

Pieces of furniture that were once popular aren’t used anymore. The invention of new devices and solutions made ancient traditions useless and replaced them with new and ‘more efficient’ pieces.

Moroccan Wool Rugs Never go out of Style!

One type of item, however, has remained in style. If anything, it has been gaining popularity more so lately. And that’s Moroccan and Berber rugs!

With great significance to Morocco, rugs are still around. And you’ll find them almost everywhere and in every building or institution.

Mosques, for example, have wide area rugs that cover the whole setting. They’re usually dyed in red, rugged, and showcase Islamic patterns of mosques and embroidered Islamic tiles.

Majestic Mosque with a Wool Carpet

You’ll also find them at old Medersas - schools of religious teachings - and the studies of law, philosophy, and astrology. Similar to rugs found in mosques, the ones in medersas are used for particular purposes, mainly the praying room and where pupils slept.

While the rugs in Medersas and Mosques do not boast abstract or contemporary art, the ones in Riads often do. If you enter a Riad in Morocco, you’ll definitely notice numerous rugs, whether in rooms or halls. These rugs mostly hold a symbolic value of cultural importance.

Abstract Moroccan Wool Rug in a Riad

High-end hotels choose rugs to flaunt their luxuriousness. You’ll find many high-end hotels in Morocco that lay rugs in their welcoming spaces and in rooms. These are mostly hand-made with woollen materials. 

Moroccan homes come with Moroccan Carpets!

Most Moroccan homes have rugs. And depending on the house and degree of decor, rugs may be luxurious art pieces that showcase gorgeous colours, or simple carpets that hold an emblematic value.

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