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What is the season we wait for all year? It's summer of course and why? Because summer is the season of barbecues, rosé, melon aperitifs and long moments in the garden.

During the summer we all enjoy our outdoor spaces, garden, yard, terrace, balcony or doorstep. We all want to spend time outside to capture the warmth of summer, even when the high temperatures leave us wanting more. However, few of us think about the decoration of our garden. The main furniture we use outside is our garden furniture.

Often composed of a table, several chairs, a coffee table, footstools and deckchairs, our garden furniture allows us to relax as soon as the sun rises and this until All Saints Day. It is a good part of the year that it is better not to neglect and if you want to spend a summer in the smallest way: think of the Moroccan fashion to decorate your outdoor space.

Place one or more Moroccan rugs depending on the size to prop up your garden area and make you travel instantly. How to harmonize your summer living room with the right Berber carpet. We have several tips at hand to present to you. This article will tell you how to choose your next garden furniture in adequacy with a Moroccan carpet. The style, colors, patterns and texture of your rug will all be criteria that will enhance or harmonize with your garden furniture.

Different types of garden furniture go with different types of Moroccan rugs:


Outdoor furniture made of wood is probably the most common and longest used. Sturdy and thick, wooden furniture is a must-have to be noticed. No matter what elements your wooden summer living room is made of, it will give a rustic effect to the atmosphere and this is even more so when the wood is left in its raw state or on the contrary a refined effect when the material is worked and smooth.

The warm yet simple style of wood is the epitome of "refined just right", so it should be paired with a rug that is also refined. The ideal is none other than the Beni Ouarain carpet, known throughout the world, the Beni Ouarain never ceases to seduce. Often in light tones, such as white, off-white, beige, cream or ochre; the Beni Ouarain brings light. When adorned with lines or geometric shapes often drawn in black it can give the illusion of enlarging the space.

Prefer shaggy carpets for your exterior, shaggy carpets with long hair are also very trendy on the terraces especially to warm up the summer nights once the sun goes down, it will require a little more maintenance. The Beni Ouarain carpet often ends with a small fringe on each side bringing a little fantasy and retaining the particularity of ancient carpets and oriental carpets although its design is modern and blends as much with a simple decoration as contemporary.


Many of us have a woven resin garden furniture, light and practical to use the woven resin invades our homes. The summer living room in woven resin is ideal outside if you have a garden, a terrace or even a simple balcony; it will undoubtedly do the trick! The advantage of woven resin is its resistance and its original look without forgetting that its maintenance is very easy. Woven resin is flexible for more comfort, something that rigid materials like wood or steel cannot always achieve.

Often circular or rectangular, we advise you to associate your woven resin furniture with a Boucherouite carpet whose abstract aspect, multicolored colors and asymmetrical shapes can give a zest of eccentricity and originality to your woven resin garden furniture sometimes too "passe partout". The Boucherouite carpet shakes up the codes of interior design while making your terrace an unusual place that makes you want to spend long days there.


Opting for aluminum garden furniture is a classic, absolute elegance, giving a clean style and sobriety to the space. It would therefore be best to enhance the frozen tone of the aluminum through bright colors. However, linear or geometric patterns will recall the smoothness of aluminum. Rhombuses, checkerboards and sawtooth lines can still bring some continuity with the fluidity and delicacy of material such as aluminum.

To give a contrasting effect with the simplicity and class of your chairs, tables and outdoor sofa in aluminum; we advise you to opt for a vintage Berber carpet! The vintage Moroccan rugs are timeless, it is certain you will never get tired of it.

The vintage carpet can be tinted with very lively colors that can go from orange, pink, purple, yellow or even sky blue. These hues will add allure and the wool of the vintage rug will add texture to your space. The aluminum furniture reminds us of modernism and minimalism; while the vintage Moroccan rug evokes authenticity and ethnicity. It will be a perfect mix of genres, for ever more mix leading to a balance of times and styles.


Have you thought about creating an industrial style in your interior or exterior space? When we see in American TV series of large New York lofts rehabilitated in sheds or disused factories in Brooklyn ... It also makes you curious? Metal furniture is the industrial and retro element by definition. Epoxy steel is fashionable and is sometimes confused with aluminum, but aluminum is much heavier. It leaves room for many creative, inventive and sometimes even luxurious opportunities.

The epoxy steel garden furniture is already shaking up the codes of design by itself by putting forward a raw material that is used a lot outside. Considered as a cold element and sometimes empty of soul, it would be interesting to raise the rough effect of steel by the warmth of intense colors of Moroccan rugs while continuing in the abstract and simple idea of the material and the industrial-chic style.

So we suggest you place your epoxy steel living room on a Mrirt rug. The reputation of the Mrirt carpet is well known. The Mrirt rug, from the art of the tribe bearing the same name, combines colors and abstract forms. The Mrirt carpet, just like the metal garden furniture: you have to dare! That's what it does, the Mrirt carpet dares to mix purple and yellow. It dares the irregular and unsuspected forms. It is the carpet whose soul blends most with a retro, industrial and eclectic style. The Mrirt carpet will not leave indifferent. It will enhance the steel furniture and sublimate the curves of your garden room with fantasy and extravagance, as it knows so well how to do.

There are as many possibilities for designing your patio as there are Moroccan rugs in our collection. Ethnic, classic, vintage or abstract patterns will inevitably blend with the characteristics of your garden furniture. The sober or sparkling colors will give a special touch to raw and abrupt materials. The wide choice of dimensions as well as the custom-made option are assets, so the Moroccan decoration adapts to all places!

If you were still hesitating before ordering your Berber carpet, you no longer have any reason to wait: you now know that it will perfectly match your summer living room. Go to our website now to contact our teams who will help you find or make the ideal carpet for your outdoor, balcony, terrace, garden or courtyard!

You will rejuvenate your summer relaxation area, while having the possibility of using this decoration all year long in other rooms of your home and of course you will feel different! The most important thing is that your summer days are pleasant, a Moroccan carpet and two or three Berber poufs can succeed in transforming your afternoons sunbathing into a moment as relaxing as inspiring!

Visit our website now to discover a wide collection of Moroccan rugs, which one will go with the rustic or minimalist style of your outdoor living room? Which Moroccan rug will transform every moment on your terrace into a true journey of the senses? It's up to you to tell us!

Even your reading moments at the end of the day will have an air of Essaouira with an ethnic-chic decoration in your garden lounge! Come quickly to choose your Berber carpet to make you spend a summer as soft as the sheep wool used to weave your Moroccan carpet...


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