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You know a little bit about interior design? If so, you already know that the professionals in the field are still snatching up the most beautiful Berber carpets at a golden price. But why? What does the Moroccan carpet have more than the others? What makes it always seduce so much despite the decades that pass? How is it that the greatest designers are always so conquered by Moroccan rugs?

Yet in interior design, there are many elements and choices of decoration to make to ensure the harmony of a room. The Moroccan carpet is always an excellent choice! And interior decorators know it. What appeals most to interior design professionals is without a doubt the timelessness of Moroccan rugs. They are so steeped in history and have such varied and atypical patterns, that the Berber carpet does not go out of fashion. They adapt to all interior styles. From retro fashion, to vintage, through modern art deco, or a minimalist style to the Scandinavian. The Moroccan carpet blends with all types of atmospheres and interior.

The Moroccan carpet or rather the ethnic-chic fashion by excellence continues to please and make followers. Design professionals know that choosing a Berber carpet is always a safe choice. It is a guarantee. A must and especially unquestionable. There are many criteria that motivate this craze. Do you know them? We will tell you everything about the Berber carpet, its manufacture, its styles, its patterns depending on the tribe that produces it, its uses and multiple styles.

You will understand why professionals in the world of interior design are always big fans of the Moroccan carpet to use it in their models, designs and renovations. If the greatest designers of interior design are so charmed by Moroccan carpets, why not you?


What is important for all of us, as for design professionals, is to get quality products and this is doubly so when it comes to exceptional interior design. That's why your home's decoration requires the best materials, so that they last a long time and resist the small accidents and clumsiness of everyday life while remaining impeccable.

Sheep's wool is known to be very resistant, and is therefore a good choice for your interior. Even today, Moroccan carpets are woven by Berber tribeswomen and are still made from natural products, mainly sheep's wool from the Atlas Mountains. In respect of the environment and the animal, the wool is carefully shorn and dyed for the weaving of Berber carpets.

We have all tested standard carpets from large retailers that were initially soft and then started to lose their hair by large handfuls and ended up almost rough to the touch. The pile of the Moroccan carpet is resistant, soft and silky and that without lasting limit in time.

With both long and short pile Moroccan rugs, you can be sure that every time you touch it, it will retain that cloud-like feel because the wool is of the highest quality.


As Berber rugs come in many colors, such as pink, blue, or yellow, you don't have to worry about coordinating them with the decor of your apartment. The pigments used for dyeing the wool offer intense colors to discover the flavors of Morocco. Berber carpets come in a wide range of colors, offering sober tones from light gray to beige, off-white or pale pink; or tones calling for a visual explosion like saffron yellow, earth red, or ocean blue blending with the sea of Essaouira.

And you for which color will you succumb? An emerald green? A purplish purple? An icy brown? A dark taupe? Or a creamy light linen? The diversity of colors that Moroccan rugs offer can dress up any room. The touch that a Moroccan carpet brings is like a finish to the space. Berber rugs are real works of art that can be mixed with all types of decorations, from vintage to contemporary.

With bright, intense and authentic colors, your rug will definitely catch the eye. In addition to being an essential decorative object, it will become the subject of passionate discussions, because Berber rugs never leave anyone indifferent! This is what interior designers are looking for, to stand out, and for this the Berber carpet is undoubtedly your ally.


Did you know that? A Moroccan carpet with traditional patterns can be transformed into an abstract work of art while retaining the quality and ancestral craftsmanship depending on the patterns and symbols it displays. Whether you want geometric, classic or linear patterns; an exotic, chic, contemporary, ethnic or vintage style carpet... A Berber carpet will always give you satisfaction and will easily harmonize with all types of environments, and the greatest interior designers know it.

Has it ever happened to you to pass the doormat of a decoration store, and to find there only simple objects, which please everyone and without any soul? By opting for a Berber carpet, you are choosing a carpet that will have character, boldness and elegance! All the professionals in the world of interior design love Moroccan rugs for their authenticity.

Solar, circular and wavy patterns can remind you of your stays in the four corners of the world, the warmth of these atypical and exotic places at the same time. While other abstract symbols will express a feeling and more classic patterns will give elegance to marry with an art-modern decor. To say that there is something for everyone when it comes to patterns on a Berber carpet is an understatement. There are as many possible patterns as your imagination has limits, in other words: none!

Diamonds, triangles, stripes, checkerboard squares ... all these shapes are patterns found on Moroccan rugs. Some symbols are inspired by the environment in which the Berber tribes have evolved for centuries, i.e. the mountains, animals, dunes, the moon and the stars. These patterns full of stories, telling the adventures and beliefs of the tribes of the Atlas come from themselves to shake the codes of interior design.

Of the most famous there is the famous Beni Ouarain carpet often with black geometric patterns on a white background, this carpet embodies the simplicity with a note of softness and clarity. On the other hand, the Azilal carpet is more colorful, while the Boujad carpet offers an abstract fusion of shapes and colors, almost at the crossroads of what could be called a "vintage Pop-Art made in Morocco".

There is of course the Beni Mguild carpet with its traditional ethnic style that transports you directly to the heart of the Moroccan living room to drink mint tea. While the carpet Kilim retains geometric shapes in a refined style. The Mrit carpet is more in a contemporary style, colorful and defying any linearity. Finally, the traditional Tuareg mat will suit all those in search of authenticity and travel.


It is the mixture of styles that makes the success of the Moroccan carpet. The color, the style, the shape, the size, the patterns, the Moroccan rugs are so diversified that they are suitable for all spaces and adapt to each decoration; but especially their elegance remains frozen in time. The key to the Berber carpet trend lies in its timelessness; it is a fashion that does not pass, a safe value and an art that through time has always found its place in our homes, apartments or now meeting rooms.

You can use a Moroccan carpet as a rug of course, but also as a hanging, as a bed throw or to cover a sofa. You can place a Berber carpet in any room of your interior, in your bedroom, your dining room, your hallway, your living room or even your terrace and outdoor space.

This is obviously why professionals choose the Moroccan carpet, because they can use it in multiple ways in any room of the house. Since each Moroccan carpet is a true work of art, it is always appropriate to place at least one in an interior or several to accentuate the ethnic-chic effect.

Do as the interior design professionals do, go quickly to choose your next Moroccan carpet!

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