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About us

It takes a dedicated team, a longing for art, and an authentic soul to produce authentic Moroccan rugs. Nomad33 was knit into creation by a collaboration of crafty artisans and creative designers. Our rugs’ souls lie in the Atlas, tucked between Morocco’s enchanting mountains, while our reach is extended to the globe.


Our passion is unified through our rugs. Each member of our team gets to express their virtue by designing and creating rugs.

Our expertise and inventiveness, along with the creator’s deep involvement in Moroccan culture and heritage has made us able to differentiate between what’s good, what’s bad - and what’s great.

What rugs lack in the hastiness of production,  they make up for with their eternal beauty and condition. Our long-established techniques of weaving and knitting distinguish us from the rest of the rug suppliers.

Our connectedness with Morocco’s nature and culture allows us to easily and professionally refine the raw material, wool, and shape it into a wholesome piece that will light up your living room.

Our whole team understands that selecting a rug is a personal journey that cannot be quickly done with. Our many shapes, sizes, and gleeful colours will captivate your soul.

With the right rug, random wanderings often turn into moments of personal relief. Whether you’re in the market for a new rug for home, or you’re longing for a soothing piece in the office - our rugs will certainly appease you.


Our team

Nomad33 is a hearty assembly of Morocco’s most skilled craftsmen and designers, who share the admiration for everything that’s culturally Moroccan - rugs, in particular. A creative business requires creative people, and in our case - we’re a business and a half!

Our dedicated team is constantly on the lookout for heritage rugs and luxury heirlooms that will be recreated to last another lifetime. Inspired by authentic Moroccan culture and woven with an authentic Moroccan process.


Nomad33 designers are Moroccan creative minds that embody Morocco’s wild and creative spirit; craftsmen, established designers, and contemporary artists - all working in unison to shape everything from the first eye-catching motifs to the detailed patterns that award the rug its essence.

We rely on our hearts, our fondness of Morocco, and our accumulated expertise in order to flawlessly design our rugs.” - Anas El Kettani, Designer.


Our artisans are Morocco’s finest craftsmen - and women. Deep within the Atlas Mountains, the artisans are nestled, producing generation-lasting artwork. With their craftsmanship and mutual appreciation for Morocco, the artisans are the pumping heart of our collective business.

Our skills were passed on to us by our ancestors. It’s based on a  passion for craftsmanship, and it serves as a reason to enjoy our work.” - Hamid Rami, Craftsman.