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Craftsmanship inspirations

The ‘Hand’ in HandKnit

Ongoing ancient traditional techniques - from our ancestors

There are different ways to make rugs by hand. The traditional Moroccan way remains as one of the best and most efficient ways to weave and produce a rug. The traditional loom is called “Azetta” which translates to “The Chain”. A simple name, yet, an overwhelming result. A soft and warm feel comes with all woolen rugs, and flawless patterns are laid onto the rugs by meticulous weavers.

Authentic artisanal Moroccan rugs should not be synthetically made. The essence of a true Moroccan rug lies in the hands of those who knit, weave, twist and loop - using naturally sheared wool. The techniques are many, and the result is an amazing one. Whether you prefer shaggy and cosy, or smooth and fine; the craftsmen will gratify your wishes.

In order to truly master the art of Moroccan Handwaving, one must undertake a long process, as it takes patience, precision, and deep appreciation of the craft.


The journey of a handknit Moroccan rug goes through


A process through which the fibers of raw wool is straightened. This process is by hand, and will definitely work your fingers. 


Once carded, the wool is then spun into yarn. It can be produced in different thickness varieties, and it surely takes a certain degree of mastery in order to flawlessly do it.


A master of colors then joins the party, and takes on the tasks making the dye and dyeing the yarn. The process to create matching dyes sometimes takes a whole day.


The yarns are hung outdoors. With the Atlas Mountain’s breeze and shining sun, the yarns will be dry and ready for the next process in 30 hours.


The colorful yarns are then collected to be wound into balls - into the loom you go!


Each rug has a plan of its design. The design is hand-painted and hung behind the loom as a reference.


Skilled craftsmen are tasked with weaving the rug. It takes complete synchronization on the loom and high attention to detail. A metal rod sits vertically in between vertical warp threads and the yarn is knotted around it. 


Once weaved, the rug is washed thoroughly on both sides. And in order to fully squeeze the water in the rug, a wooden paddle is used. They are then hung in the sun to dry.


The dry rug is laid out flat and cut into our customers’ preferred height. This process, like every other process, is done by hand - and giant scissors.


Another attention requiring process that takes care of the boundaries and the rug’s patterns. A craftsman carefully defines the pattern of the rug. 


The final step - neatly wrapping the rug’s sides in matching yarn. An authentic Moroccan signature.