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Extending Integrity

Extending Integrity

The initial, igniting thought that gave birth to Nomad33 was based on lending a hand. And over the years, our team flourished into a melting pot of cultures with a shared goal — helping the Berber community. 

Our Team

Providing an equitable workplace for out employees was one of our first tasks. Allowing the driving force of our collective to be their optimal selves is what we’re all about — and everyone’s loving it!

Appreciating 'Thamghath Thamazight'

Meaning ‘The Berber woman’, The Atlas Mountain’s most valuable asset. It is thanks to issues like these that we develop an affinity for some of our competitors. Our common goal in our endeavours is to develop working and living conditions for Berber craftswomen in the Atlas.

Fair Compensation

We rely on data-oriented market analysis. Each person is paid the same amount (dollar-for-dollar) as another person executing the same tasks. Gender, race, and ageare not factors in how we determine deserved remuneration.

Our Berber Carpets

Whether they’re newly woven carpets or vintage treasures, we make sure to create inclusive collections. We’re confident that our Berber Rugs will suit all styles.