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Story - Kilim

✧ An actual treasure at home - doesn’t it sound appealing?

This Moroccan Kilim Rug is a precious jewel, embodied by history, elegance and art. 

Our Berber Kilim Rugs come with two distinct traits: Personality, and Authenticity. Woven in one of the Atlas’ most lush places. These Berber Rugs symbolize the identity of Berber tribes. Ones that make resilient, gorgeous and cultural rugs.

Adding a touch of ‘kinfolk’, also known as ‘Bohemian Style’ will greatly, and jubilantly, transform any interior. Each tribe has its unique and marking symbol - and they’re all depicted on these gorgeous woollen gems.

Much like every great thing in life, in order to get our hands on this gorgeous piece of art, we had to endure mishaps. We’ve travelled through the Anti-Atlas Mountains; first by car, then on foot. Berber craftswomen of the Atlas Mountains create these masterpieces based on age-old traditions that date back to Paleolithic times

Most of these women lack the knowledge to write in cursive - but they make up for that with their beautifully haunting designs. They write with their hands and tell exceptional, magical and cultural stories using only threads and wool. Tales of love, nature and family are all depicted on these gorgeous creations!

To collect wool, these resilient artists acquire their wool from nearby souks in the region. Seamlessly soft, extra virgin and specially harvested from a certain breed of sheep. The wool is then washed in a river using natural soap made from plants. And according to a dear Berber tradition - the wool must be laid beneath a starlit sky in order to ward off the evil eye. So you’re getting quality, evil-free Berber Rug!

After spinning the wool, the Berber craftswomen prepare their looms. And the rest - is magic! A passionate, heartwarming and delightful process takes place!

  • 100% Wool.
  • Natural Colour.
  • Handwoven in Morocco.