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The Berber carpet comes in different sizes, and it is not always obvious to select the most appropriate size. Indeed, depending on the use or the layout that you want to make of your carpet, depending on the configuration and the surface of the room in which you want to expose it, it is necessary to choose the adequate size.

For these main reasons, large rugs are obviously suitable for large rooms, the most common or classic sizes are easily adapted to the surfaces of the rooms of many apartments and houses, others are made to be placed in specific places ... To help you choose the most appropriate size, follow our guide


Among the large choice of sizes of Berber carpets that exist, for the smallest carpets, those that include equivalent dimensions and ranging from 90 to 140 cm for the width and 120 to 180 cm for the length, are perfectly suited to rooms such as the living room, a fireplace front, a desk or down the bed. Sometimes, some carpets are also used as wall hangings, such as the Berber carpet that measures 60 x 120 cm, again everything is possible, depending on the size of the wall on which you want to highlight your Moroccan Berber carpet.

The largest carpet of the small carpets, namely the carpet of 140 x 180 cm is very well suited in a living room, most often under the coffee table, or also in front of a fireplace or in an office. The smallest size, 60 x 120 or 70 x 140, is very suitable for rugs used as a bedside rug. The carpets of 80 x 160 cm or 110 x 190 cm, will fit well in entrances, depending on the configuration of houses or apartments ...


If in all the carpets that are proposed, we find many models longer than wide and that can therefore fit in the entrances or alleys, it should be known that special carpets for corridors are very numerous. The most common size for a hallway mat is 100 x 250, for this you need a long hallway, but overall, depending on the configuration of the entrances of different homes, it is possible to find the right size.


For the classic carpets, or carpets that are most often used in apartments or houses depending on the size of the rooms, we find carpets of the following dimensions: 160 x 230 cm or 160 x 260 cm. Of course, if these dimensions are not suitable, there are smaller models, as well as larger and even much larger.


To choose a large Berber carpet, that is to say a carpet that measures between 200 x 290 cm or 210 x 290 cm, or even a carpet of 200 x 300 cm, it is necessary to have a large room. Your carpet is not a mat, to be highlighted it must be visible and must harmonize perfectly in the room and according to the furniture present in this space. A sufficiently large dining room, a large living room, can therefore accommodate a carpet of such a size.


Ideally designed for very large living rooms, the largest rugs are usually 300 x 300 cm or 300 x 400 cm. Once again, it is obvious that in order to showcase a very large rug, it is necessary to have a very large room. Rugs that are fringed at both ends are more comfortable placed in the center of a room, under a table, in an office, a bedroom... Those that are fringed at one end often come to lean against a wall, although they can also be centered in the heart of a room. For the right size of your little one it is therefore imperative to know the size of the place in which you plan to put your carpet. In the numerous choices of dimensions that are available to you, you will have no trouble finding the carpet that suits you, and if however, this is not the case, know that at Nomad33, we offer you to make your carpet custom-made. In these conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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