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"Which Berber carpet to choose?", "What criteria to take into consideration to find the perfect and authentic carpet?" These are the questions that all Europeans and enthusiasts of oriental and Moroccan culture ask themselves! You have certainly heard about the Beni Ouarain Berber carpet! Would you like to know more? Discover everything about these beautiful authentic carpets!

All about the Berber carpet Beni Ouarain

This beautiful Berber carpet of Moroccan origin bears the name of the Beni Ouarain tribes who live in the Middle Atlas. This carpet is made of natural wool. It is one of the best Berber rugs. Note that the Beni Ouarain are a group of 17 tribes.

The Beni Ouarain carpet is distinguished from all other Berber carpets by its excellent quality of manufacture, its materials of confection of natural origin (lamb's wool), its large size, its robustness and its sober colors.

It is also a carpet which marries wonderfully with all the decorations of interior, modern, vintage, contemporary, minimalist, rustic...

It is the Beni Ouarain tribes who made the first Berber carpets. This know-how has been transmitted from generation to generation. Despite the technical progress and the appearance of textile machines, the artisanal manufacturing techniques of the Beni Ouarain Berber carpets have been preserved.

Each carpet is unique, silky and impressive with its patterns, its generous dimensions and its softness. Some pieces dating back to the 1950s are the delight of collectors.

The Beni Ouarain carpet is more than a simple decorative object, it is a true work of art, the result of a long tradition and ancestral expertise!

How to choose your Berber carpet Beni Ouarain?

Several criteria must guide your choice. Indeed, the choice of a Berber carpet Beni Ouarain is never made at random!

Your interior decoration: You will find a wide selection of Beni Ouarain Berber carpets of excellent quality. The choice between the models will depend not only on your tastes and your desires, but also on your decoration. Some models have ethnic motifs, others are simpler with geometric patterns such as diamonds and squares. Beni Ouarain carpets are generally two-tone with sober colors like black, brown and white;

The materials of manufacture: As you know, several types of fibers enter the confection of the Berber Moroccan carpets. Moroccan craftswomen make authentic Beni Ouarain rugs with wool that is very soft to the touch and especially thick. We advise you to pay particular attention to this point if you wish to buy a robust carpet.

Your budget: The manufacture of a Beni Ouarain Berber carpet requires several hours of work. Some models are in very limited copies which justifies the selling price. You will also find carpets at affordable prices. The most important thing is to check the quality / price ratio. In short, there is something for all tastes and for all decors, but also for all budgets!

How to recognize a real Berber carpet Beni Ouarain?

Authentic Beni Ouarain carpets are made with natural lambswool of a cream or beigecolor (original color).

It is also thicker than other Berber carpets. We can also observe on these carpets diamond patterns spread over the entire surface and with some irregularities (handicraft work).

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