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Rugs are still considered an essential element in the world of interior design. Their fame is no longer to be made, nor to be undone. Berber carpets have been seducing people for decades, they can be found in magazines, in the entrance halls of luxury buildings and of course in our living rooms.

The Moroccan carpet is timeless, its charm does not change. Symbolizing the luxury and abundance of oriental palaces, the Moroccan carpet is chic and authentic. Its ethnic touch makes us travel in a glance. Its geometric, abstract and always ethnic patterns are so original that it takes us away from home without even moving from our apartment.

The Berber carpet is elegance in its purest form while standing out from the too smooth or sometimes banal decorations. What is interesting is that it remains in the trends although the codes of interior design are in constant change and evolution. The Moroccan carpet does not know the closet! The one from your grandparents will always do the trick and will even look good in your granddaughter's dining room in fifteen or twenty years.

There are a few things to know about Berber rugs: there is a considerable variety. Each tribe in the Moroccan Atlas weaves its own rugs, with its own techniques, its own patterns and its own meanings in the design. Opting for a Moroccan carpet is always a safe bet, but which one to choose sometimes becomes a difficult task as the choice is so great.

We are going to tell you about each category of Berber carpet, its characteristics, its assets and some advice of use to present you the 5 most trendy Moroccan carpets for your interior! Following this article your ideas will be clearer and you will not be lost by going to a merchant or a site of sale of Moroccan carpet.

Below are our top 5 trendy Moroccan rugs:


The Beni Ouarain is surely the most famous of the Berber carpets, its sobriety giving a chic and ethical touch at the same time makes it a flagship object and prized worldwide. The Berber carpet in vogue in recent years is for a long time and until today the carpet Beni Ouarain. The greatest interior decorators tear it off and know that: the quality of Berber carpets is no longer in question and their reputation continues to grow. However the Beni Ouarain carpet benefits from a greater attention than its alter-egos...

Indeed, the Beni Ouarain carpets are the object of a particular and constantly growing craze. If you haven't heard the term "Beni Ouarain" yet, even though it's often featured on the front pages of home decor magazines, TV reports and even the Instagram accounts of the hottest lifestyle influencers... You'll probably recognize this elegant and simple rug at first glance.

The Beni Ouarain rug has imposed itself in our interiors as a matter of course, as a must-have in our living rooms. But for what reasons? What is it? What does this Beni Ouarain carpet have to distinguish it from other Moroccan carpets?

One of the first things to know is that the Beni Ouarain environment is nestled in the mountains and has a rather cold and dry climate for much of the year. For this reason, the tribes have always made carpets of gigantic sizes to cover the floors in their homes and large nomad tents. The second thing to know is that among the most common Berber motifs on the original Beni Ouarain carpets, there are hollow lozenges representing fertility and maternity. However, nowadays, Berber carpets are transformed by adopting new geometric abstract forms. Finally, it should be noted that the success of Beni Ouarain is also due to its minimalist side. The Beni Ouairain is enough to itself.


Boujad carpets are not yet as popular as their Beni Ouarain cousins, which are better known to the general public. If the name Boujad doesn't mean anything to you yet, although it is the muse of many artists, decorators and photographers, you will quickly recognize this carpet with its original abstract aspect, its always attractive colors and its ethnic and daring style.

What does the Boujad carpet have more than other Berber carpets? How does it differ from other Moroccan rugs? Why does its abstract and elegant style never cease to seduce? The Boujad carpet also comes from the Berber culture of Morocco and in other words was created by the ancestral know-how of the Moroccan north which is weaving. It is in the mountains, that it was born and its patterns are derived.

Indeed, the shapes and designs found on Boujad carpets are a mixture of various inspirations. It is among the most original Berber patterns that the ones adorning Boujad carpets are classified. We find linear and geometric forms. Lines of different colors overlapping or abstract shapes giving an impression of chance.

The colors are often in pale and soft tones like pink or orange. These are shimmering and exotic colors that adorn Boujadcarpets. Yet the colors are never excessive or extravagant. Pale pink dominates, reddish tones follow, then orange and ecru make a place in the Boujad landscape.


We have decided to place the Boucherouite carpet in third position because its originality is unmatched. The Boucherouite carpet deserves to be better known and better understood. Like all Berber carpets, the Boucherouite has a real soul. It differs from other Moroccan carpets in many ways. Its characteristics are so singular and its touch provides such a particular sensation that this carpet must be appreciated at its true value. The Boucherouite carpet makes a lasting impression and always occupies a space with elegance.

The big names in interior design have all noticed the stunning entry of the Boucherouite carpet into our interiors. The emergence of this Berber carpet in recent years has been the talk of the town and this is mainly due to its special and unique look. Well yes, did you know that the Boucherouite carpet was originally made using a different technique from other Moroccan carpets? Sometimes known as the "poor man's method", the Boucherouite carpet is an art form created from scraps of fabric giving a jumbled effect. This technique was born following economic, cultural and especially social upheavals in the most rural areas of Morocco.

Boucherouite carpets are an explosion of bright and warm colors, reflecting the exquisite and sensitive artistic expression of Berber weavers. The composition of Boucherouite carpets represents the creative interweaving of various abstract patterns, shapes and bright colors, creating a sometimes orderly, sometimes vibrant and colorful whole giving a sometimes messy appearance. Boucherouite rugs are without a doubt the most distinctive ethnic style rug!


The Mrirt carpet is becoming more and more popular in our living rooms and its fame is not yet at its peak since the enthusiasm for this type of carpet is still rising. The real question here is: Why? What is different about this carpet? Why does its appeal continue? Their main asset is that Mrirt carpets are all knotted in the ancient art, their wool is silkier and their weaving denser than all other Moroccan carpets. The different shades create a velvet-like, ultra-silky feel that will invade your room and make it a unique space.

The designs found on the rugs can be geometric or irregular. Sometimes resembling hieroglyphics, we recognize symbols referring to the daily life of the Mrirt tribe, such as mountains, horses, trees or even stars ... The colors are always very intense, such as purple, ocean blue, purple, fuchsia pink, emerald green or saffron yellow. These colors are as warm as those of the spices found on the stalls of the souks from north to south of Morocco.


The Kilim Hanbal carpet is the emblem of the bohemian-chic style. The Kilim hanbal carpet is a contemporary carpet, its style is unique and always varied, which will allow you to choose between different models to create different atmospheres. Indeed, the Kilim rugs are modern, fresh and blend perfectly with a clean and minimalist decor. The abstract patterns found on Kilim rugs and bright colors such as orange or yellow will give a new look to your space that is sometimes too "passe partout", so it will be noticed without ever denoting the rest of your modern decor.

The Scandinavian furniture harmonizes very well with the ethnic style of the Kilim rugs, bringing a certain contrast to the space to constantly bring character to the room. To combine with a minimalist decor, try to choose a Kilim rug with an ecru base and only a few touches of color, or a modern rug in black and white to stay in the conventional. For a bit of fantasy, don't hesitate to opt for a fringed Kilim rug.

We hope that our top 5 trendy Moroccan rugs will help you with your next purchase or decorating idea. Go and find a Berber carpet to fall on the ground!


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