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Learn More About Beni Ouarain Rugs. And Get It With Confidence!

Berber Carpets have been making headlines throughout the last two years. And quite frankly, so far, we're loving it. We feel appreciated for what we make, and looked at! These special, admirable, and worthy Moroccan Berber Rugs were woven with rugged & resilient materials, adorned with intricate patterns, and finished with protective and alluring fringes.

beni ouarain next to a blue couch

What is The Beni Ouarain Carpet?

If you've already subscribed to the Berber Rug 'rage', then you probably are already aware of the different styles of Moroccan Carpets. Each category has a name, and the name is either derived from the origin of the carpet, or its style. For instance, carpets that were woven in the village of Boujad are called Boujad Rugs. The region of Mrirt? Mrirt Rugs.

And, you guessed it, Beni Ouarain Rugs are woven in a tribe called Beni Ouarain! And while it does get confusing at times, Moroccan people organise using the name of the origin or area of birth [weaving] as an indication. 

How do I Recognise a Beni Ouarain Carpet?

It's fairly simple to recognise a Rug from the Beni Ouarain Tribe. The first thing you'll notice is the colour. Almost every Beni Ouarain Rug is either white, ochre, or grey. In addition, they hold simple, geometric, and oftentimes monochromatic motifs & patterns.

Berber Carpet in a modern living room

What's a Beni Ouarain Rug's Optimal Space?

Let us start off with this: A Beni Ouarain Carpetis woven from natural wool. The sheep are bred, raised with love, and cared for in villages in the lush Atlas Mountains. 

What you should keep in mind is the carpet's seamless and soft texture & feel. Lay the carpet in a place where you find yourself spending a lot of time in; a living room, bedroom, or home study will look, and feel, amazing with a Beni Ouarain Carpet in it!

So, who is it for?

So whether it's you, your children, or your pet that delights in the wool's seamless nature, you're going to want it in a frequently visited room. 

In addition to smoothness, Beni Ouarain Carpets will make any setting look luxurious. A touch of elegance is but a simple chore for these White Berber Rugs!

beni ouarain rug with blue markings

Today's Berber Carpet Takeaway

Moroccan Carpets are a perfect way to embellish any space. Thanks to their everliving style, graceful appeal, and rich history, these rugs are Morocco's cultural, and woollen, gift to the world!

Berber and Moroccan Rugs have been growing in popularity over the last decade or so, and they're on a glorious trail!

beni ouarain rug in a modern living room

If you're interested in an elegantly Bohemian touch for home — then look no further than Beni Ouarain Carpets. These woollen delights will surely appease the artist within you. Transform your home today, and award your room a lasting, joyous, and everwhite aura!

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