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Business Space

Interior designers, decorators, real estate developers and architects withal are qualified to benefit from the Nomad33 Commercial Program.

You'll have access to an array of products, styles and decorative collections — all at an exclusive, reduced price. Our collections from Moroccan origins will allow you to create a stock that'll match your clients' taste and budget.

Our business Partners will benefit from special discounts on all our products.

To start the qualification process, there are somethings in order. First, we'll need a copy of your business card that has your decorator profession.

Either that, or an interior decorator/ major design organization certification identification: ASID, ASLA, CCIDC, APLD, AIA, IDS, CID, IIDA, NCIDQ. A valid membership in a large commercial residential or commercial development organization also qualifies you: NAA, NAHB, etc.

Send us your request, along with the aforementioned documents, to [email protected]

The Nomad33 Commercial Program will provide you with:

  • Exclusive discounts that will apply to our online store on all of our rugs, in addition to free delivery to any address.
  • More than 3500 unique pieces, handmade by masterful, diligent Moroccan craftsmen.
  • Early access to our regularly-added inventories.
  • Exclusive customer service for every special request.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction on every single order.