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Story - Boujad

✧ Can you tell that this is an actual treasure?

A different piece of Moroccan art. One that’s full of art, character, and vigour. Vintage Boujad rugs convey wisdom and elegance that’s inherited from age-old traditions. These rugs have matured. So much so that they allowed for the softening of colours while extracting some of the natural lanolin oil contained in the wool fibres. And that, produces a beautiful finished product!

This Vintage Boujad Rug is a living art piece. It grants your room an elegant and distinct aura. In Morocco, these rugs are sometimes referred to as “table rugs” given the way their expressive artwork brings life to “the table” - a place where family and friends have a daily, warm gathering.

This graceful and well-aged Vintage Boujad Rug represents a rare centrepiece of a decor. As a part of their culture, these traditions and techniques are to be passed to newer generations.

In the rural regions of the Atlas, nothing comes close to the importance of family cohesion; Vintage Boujad Carpets are the pride of any house. In order to make this rug, craftswomen have to put in months of work - which is a great indicator of how important perseverance and values are.

The Boujad Rug does not only adorn, but it also has an underlying, cornerstone importance. It is from this type of Boujad Rug that the Moroccan maxim “Whoever makes effort, will receive a reward” comes from.

During their youth, these craftswomen collect their wool in the villages of the Middle Atlas Mountains. Sheep native to the region provide seamlessly soft, extra virgin wool. The wool is then washed in a river using natural soap made from plants. And according to a dear Berber tradition - the wool must be laid beneath a starlit sky in order to ward off the evil eye. So you’re getting quality, evil-free Berber Rugs!

In order to get our hands on this gorgeous piece of art, we travelled through the Anti-Atlas Mountains; first by car, then on foot. Berber craftswomen of the Atlas Mountains create these masterpieces based on age-old traditions that date back to Paleolithic times.

  • 100% Wool.
  • Medium-High Pile (3cm thick).
  • Natural Colour.
  • Handwoven in Morocco.