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Story - Boujad Floor Pillow

Boujad Floor Pillows have gone through a dry phase. People just didn't pay attention. Now, after everyone realised that these graceful, healthy, and luxurious seating arrangements. 

Encouraging your little one to maintain a certain posture will definitely aid them in the future. These warm, comfortable, and colourful Boujad Berber Pillows will surely award that for your children. In addition, our pillows will spread a joyously bohemian aura all around the house!

This Boujad Floor Pillow will transform your home into a serene abode! And much like a Berber Carpet is referred to as a 'table mat', Boujad Berber Pillows are the woollen chairs! And usually, the pillows are stored, safely and away from dust, for when a guest arrives. Emblematic expressions like these are the essence of Boujad Rugs!

Once you sit on a Boujad Floor Pillow, you'll notice that you're self-supporting. Your hips, back, and core will harmoniously coordinate, leaving you with a healthier body — the sitting position of true Ottoman Emperor! Spend a stellar evening with your loved ones, and 'work out' while sitting! 

One last fun thing to keep in mind, and it's our favourite fact about Boujad Berber Pillows: They're all woven in accordance with ancestral Berber traditions. The Boujad Pillow goes through numerous & delicate phases, before and after it's woven!

It can take up to months to make a single floor pillow. This particular one is made with 100% wool, native to the surround villages of the Atlas Mountains. Extra-virgin, soft, and luxurious wool is carefully harvested for the cover. The Berber artisans will then wash the wool in a river, using various saponaria plants, and then let it dry beneath the starlit skies of the mountains — protecting it from all evil eyes!