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Story - Tuareg Mat

✧ Can you tell that this is an actual treasure?

The Tuareg Mat is the least known of the Berber Tribal Rugs. You’ll find plenty along the carpet route. The said route crosses the Atlas Mountains and begins in a golden place - The Sahara. A place where the nomadic, proficient camel operator lives. One of the first traders of these Berber Carpets.

It’s not known to many that the Saharan Berber Tribes are also great rug producers. Much like the tribes of Beni Ouarain, Beni M’rirt and all other tribes in between, these Tuareg Mats also bear the name of their place or tribe of origin. And in this case, these ones have adopted their rightful name from a large ethnic confederation that inhabits the Sahara. It extends from the extreme south. They’re found south to Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali. The frontiers are merely a ‘made up’ construct to the people of the Sahara - virtually irrelevant.


African Tuareg Mats are handwoven from reed and leather. After weaving them, the Mats are then decorated with intricate goat and camel leather bands and fabrics. These Tuareg Mats provide resilience thanks to their incredibly durable staple for harsh climates. Made to last for generations, these Mats offer you the desert’s comfort - along with its ruggedness.

Nomad33, faithful to its vast Berber heritage, offers a wide selection of Berber rugs from both the Atlas and the Sahara. Elegant, enhancing and offering artisans from different cultures to practice, share and scale their ancestral techniques and culture.

  • Woven with Reed and Leather.
  • Natural Colour.
  • Handwoven in Morocco.