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Story - Vintage

Historic, rugged and Vintage Rugs!

A wonderous Vintage Rug that will make your home feel like a Bohemian haven! Our Vintage Rugs have been woven centuries ago. The ones made in the ’80s are considered baby rugs! 

This wonderful piece of Moroccan art is sure to make your home more delightful! Whether you’re interested in laying it in the living room, or you’d appreciate the cosiness of a Berber Vintage Rug in the comfort of your bedroom — you’ll definitely love what Nomad33 has in stock for you!

These royal masterpieces were woven with the concept of resilience in mind. They were passed on to us by our ancestors, and in turn, we’re passing them to you! 

Browse our wide array of Berber Vintage Rugs and delight in what’s about to become pure a Moroccan treasure — if it isn't already one! Nomad33 has a colourful selection of Boujad Vintage Rugs, a collection of sturdy and resilient Beni Ourain Rugs and elegant Vintage Mrirt Rugs.

And since we’re Rug aficionados, we’ve decided to share with the world our fondness of rugs, and provide these everliving gems for anyone who wants a chance to decorate their home with gorgeous, historic Vintage Berber Rugs.