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Studio in Gueliz


A long-awaited project that managed to sprout and come to fruition in the midst of a global worry. Distracted by art, design, and the obligation to help keep the local economy afloat, Nomad33 Studio & Gallery fared greatly in the process!

If you find yourself wandering around Gueliz Marrakech, present the address below to a taxi driver and they shall lead you to a place where cultural art comes to being!

The second you set foot in our Studio & Gallery, a serene, tranquil, and elating feeling will take over you! You’ll browse, discover, and delight in our various rug collections and trove of rare and antique art.

You’ll know it’s us when you spot Magdalene, cross-legged, waiting for your arrival!

Address: Rue Mohamed El Beqal N191 Res Honest Signature, Gueliz Marrakech - Morocco.