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Transform your home into a peaceful, inspirational haven!

One of the most amazing feelings is returning to your peaceful, quiet and nourishing abode. The second you take your shoes off and connect to your private world - the outside completely fades. Each day, a new, serene chapter begins!

This Gorgeous and unique M’rirt Berber Rug is a true work of art. One that you can feel, lie on and snuggle up in its smooth and tender texture. This particular piece of art will keep your feet warm and take you on a magical dream that reaches beyond what’s material.

This wonderful masterpiece will transform your home into a tranquil haven. It’ll give a new life to any room and serve as an emblem of pleasure, nourishment and grace. Much like a musical piece, this woollen one will energize a room and completely change its four limited walls into paradisical yonder.

This Beni M’rirt Rug is woven with prestigious, pure and unspun wool. This particular type of wool has never been made into yarn - and it comes from Morocco’s most elegant sheep. If you’re looking through the quality lens: You’ll find that this is considered the pinnacle of wool in terms of rarity and quality. With unparalleled comfort and seamlessness, this type of wool is stain and fire-resistant!

These Beni Mrirt Rugs are exceptional! And to weave something exceptional - you need a masterful weaver. And they’ve been working with us for years! Talented and experienced, Berber women of the Atlas Mountains produce the finest and most luxurious Handwoven Mrirt Rugs!

Each Rug bears witness to an artist. One that has accomplished so many in their life - and they’re still eager and excited to give more. An ancestral art that has been around since Paleolithic times has contacted these artists and became their appreciated, rewarding trait. Thanks to their entourage, the artists are in constant contact with nature.

Surrounded by the Atlas’ stupendous mountains and lush forests, each step of the creation is natural - from spinning the fibres into wool to sculpting and finishing. And each step is carried by hand, and with great attention for ancestral Berber traditions.

  • 100% Wool.
  • Medium-High Pile (3cm thick).
  • Natural Colour.
  • Handwoven in Morocco.
  • This item is In stock and ready to be shipped! It will be dispatched within a day.
  • Premium, carefully and naturally sheared wool from the Atlas Mountains
  • Thickness: Roughly 3cm.
  • Unique and newly made!
  • Woven by Artists: Moroccan craftsmen and craftswomen of The Beni Mrirt tribe.

Basic care:

During weaving , natural raw wool sometimes contains small fibers. These fibres may rise to the surface — and if they do, you can easily, and lightly vacuum them out. Don't panic, fibre loss is normal, and fades over time.

Stain treatment:


If it’s a custom rug, it’ll be ready in 7-8 weeks. 

If not, then it will be delivered by FedEx, to your home, in 3-10 days. In case of unavailability, you may postpone delivery to a chosen day.


Satisfying our clientele is one of our appreciated traits. You may return your item(s) within 14 days of receiving your order for a full refund.

Returns are accepted if the Moroccan Rug is defective or damaged during delivery. We’ll provide you with instructions that will facilitate your return.

Please note that you’ll have to pay the shipping fees - in case of return.

There are different Moroccan Craftsmanship trades. Thanks to these trades and natural items such as wood, stone, iron, leather, wool and copper, thousands of families are fighting their way through life and its hardships.

Our priority is to develop work conditions for artisans in the Atlas Mountains, weaving skills and know-how, and further encourage knowledge in this field. Thanks to trades such as this one, countless families will have a better, brighter future.

Together, we'll shape a better world for families in the Atlas Mountains, and we'll provide them with the means to continue doing the thing they love most — and that's weaving gorgeous carpets!

Are the Artisans Paid Reasonably?

We have a long, lasting relationship with our artisans. Craftsmen are fairly compensated for their work and also benefit from subsidies allowing them to fulfil themselves financially and personally.

It remains as our duty to guide these artisans through the business world. And we're determined to making them flourish and conquer a field that's dominated by mass-producers and underpaying factories.

We focus on a strict observance of the principles that underlie fundamental human and labour rights. Moreover, 15% of the profits are reinvested in the development of rural communities.

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