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Tailored Mrirt Tribe Rug - Janahi

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Spruce up your room with this Moroccan Tribe Rug!One of the most amazing feelings is returning to your peaceful, quiet and nourishing abode. Our Tribe Rugs will award you just that! The second you take your shoes off and connect to your private world - the outside completely fades. Each day, a new, serene chapter begins!This Gorgeous and unique M’rirt Berber Rug is a true work of art. One that you can feel, lie on and snuggle up in its smooth and tender texture.This particular piece of art will keep your feet warm and take you on a magical dream that reaches beyond what’s material.This wonderful masterpiece will transform your home into a tranquil haven. It’ll give a new life to any room and serve as an emblem of pleasure, nourishment and grace. Much like a musical piece, this woollen one will energize a room and completely change its four limited walls into paradisical yonder.

NOTE: The Berber artisans of the Atlas Mountains are doing their best to perfectly weave your woollen masterpiece. However, in infrequent cases, your Custom Berber Rug may be a few inches longer/shorter. This difference will not be more than 10cm/3.9in. So, it shouldn't affect your decoration plans.