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Unquestionably a one-of-a-kind design element, the Berber pouf may bring both a contemporary and classic feel to your home. There are numerous forms and designs for Berber poufs. In terms of quality, a genuine Moroccan pouf is the greatest option. They were made to resist the severe conditions of living in the Moroccan desert after all.

These days, there are many affordable alternatives flooding the market, frequently made of leather that smells strongly, is poorly stitched, or in the worst scenario, is made of fake leather. So take caution if you want to buy durable, high-quality footstools. To help you buy an original Berber poufdirectly from the regions of Morocco, we've compiled a list of tips.

1-Is it genuine leather?

Prior to purchasing your Berber pouf, confirm that it is made of genuine leather and not one of the many commercial imitations that are sold everywhere. In contrast to a genuine Moroccan leather pouf, the various "made" leathers deteriorate swiftly and show ugly cracks and flaking after a while. Here are some guidelines to help you distinguish between genuine and imitation leather:

Look over the details: Although it may seem apparent, always check the footstool's specifications before purchasing. You can tell if something is real leather by terminology like "100% real leather" or "genuine leather."

Once you have it, examine the footstool's texture: Real leather is an organic substance created from animal skin. Its surface structure isn't entirely consistent. These flaws are typically a sign of quality.


If you've ever smelled genuine leather, you are aware of its distinctive "leathery" scent. It smells distinctively natural, organic, and skin-like.

  1. Verify the footstool's construction.

An authentic Moroccan pouf's handcrafted design and unusual appearance due to its intricate patterns are among its lovely qualities. Traditional Berber craftsmen spend weeks creating a work of art that may be used and shown. Factory-made items employ cotton, which is less resilient and more prone to disintegrate over time than handmade items. Assembly is much more crucial because of the pressure the padding puts on the seams.

  1. Padded and unpadded ottomans

In order to save money on delivery, many beanbags are sold without cushions. However, it is simple to obtain the padding through trustworthy websites, for instance. Most of the time, cotton wool or a polyester blend is used to fill berber beanbags.

  1. Tannery for leather

Cheap leather that has been improperly tanned can smell very strongly. This offensive scent can be avoided by selecting a Moroccan pouf made of premium natural leather that has been expertly tanned by a skilled and enthusiastic craftsman.

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