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We have all become accustomed to sharing our everyday photos with our friends, family and on social networks. It has become almost a reflex to take pictures, choose the right angle, show our best profile but also try to have the most original or attractive background...

That's where choosing a Moroccan style decoration in your living room is a good option! Decorating your home with Moroccan rugs, Berber poufs or wrought iron lights will leave your followers speechless.

The fashion of interior design made in Morrocco will help create an intimate and warm atmosphere for the greatest happiness of your photos to post on the web. Our decoration is often something personal but today more than ever our interior says a lot about ourselves and speaks to the outside world. Having a decor that hits the spot is a way to make an even bigger impression on the people who follow your adventures online. No other influencer will have the same living room as you, yours will have as much elegance and swagger as your personality!

We explain here why the Moroccan decor will sublimate all your photographs to be published on social networks. Here are the main reasons that will make you switch to the ethnic-chic fashion of the Moroccan decoration:

  • Stories that make an impression

When you post your Sunday night Insta stories, watching a Netflix movie, with a good meal and with your feet spread out on a beautiful Moroccan pouffe, the likes will keep coming!


Nowadays, too many people have a uniform and soulless interior decoration. Opting for a Moroccan style decoration is to stand out while contributing to the preservation of customs and ancestral rites. Moroccan carpets are at the same time modern, traditional, elegant and soft...

By choosing a Moroccan interior design is to transform your apartment into a peaceful and cosy cocoon! You will feel good there and the people who will look at your photos will feel it too! The well-being which will release from your interior will become communicative almost contagious. A Moroccan decoration is above all to create an energy in the room which will make you feel at ease and your photos will be more beautiful.

When your friends come to drink an aperitif on Friday, play a board game on Sunday afternoon or watch a series on Wednesday evening, your interior decoration will encourage them to take out their cameras to share your good moments online.

  • An exotic journey within a few clicks

The Moroccan decoration invites you to travel, it is an ethnic touch that will satisfy your desires of exotic stays. A simple Berber carpet in your living room and you will almost smell the spices on the souk stalls and the fresh mint tea that is served throughout the day.

Nowadays, if we post pictures of our lives on social networks, it is above all to make people dream who are behind their screens watching every moment of our day. With a living room looking like a Riad in Marrakech, the reactions on the internet will first be: "but where was this picture taken? You can reply in the comments that it was taken in your living room and that every day is like a trip to the Sahara Desert since you bought a Berber carpet and some Moroccan poufs.

One of the greatest interests of the internet and social networks is to make others discover! We like to share our life, our habits, our passions, our collections... With a Moroccan decoration at home, when you take pictures of your daily life, it's a way to discover the Moroccan culture and traditions.

The art of weaving Berber carpets is an ancestral art that has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. The ethnic motifs on the carpets represent each tribe and symbolize their beliefs, their stories and their daily life. By taking your best poses on your sofa, sitting on a Moroccan pouf or those of your children playing on the floor on a Berber carpet: it is also sharing a piece of culture of Morocco with the rest of the world!

  • Originality gives way to creativity

Having an original decoration is also inspiring! In a bland and characterless place our own creativity is not stimulated enough. While living daily in a colorful space, with unique patterns, and in an unusual style; immediately our imagination, our artistic side will feel free to express itself.

Your Instagram pictures will be better because you will reveal your artistic side on the web, simply because the ethnic-chic Moroccan fashion will inspire you and it will be felt on your pictures.

Berber rugs are real works of art, each one unique, with different styles. You are bound to find one that suits you! If this is not the case, there is always the option of custom-made. Have a Moroccan carpet created and woven just for you. On your social networks you can boast that no one in the world has the same one as you!  Your pictures, in your pajamas, feet in your slippers, on your carpet will not have the same meaning anymore; because it will be your Berber carpet made especially for you!  It will look like you and will show a bit of your personality every day to your followers.

A visual aspect as chic as your outfit

When posting content on social networks, you have to calibrate everything, think everything through, to try to stand out. It's important to have the most stunning and chic outfit, to have the most beautiful backdrop and to perfect every position and layout around you.


With a Moroccan decoration you won't care about your background anymore! The bright colors of Berber carpets, ranging from yellowafran, to purple red, emerald green and ocean blue, will revive any of your photographs.

You can play on the alliance of colors and put clothes as colorful as your decoration. Or you can do the opposite, keep a sober and chic clothing style that will not stand out and will be highlighted by the eccentricity of your interior decoration.

The best thing is that your interior design will match your mood. There are times when you need to be soft and snuggle under a comforter by the fire. There are times when you want to socialize over a meal or party with your friends. The Moroccan decoration will impress all your guests and the topics of discussion of your future dinners will revolve around your Berber carpet. While the warmth of the rugs and the soft sheep wool used to weave them will create that cozy atmosphere and comfort the cold winter nights.

Showcasing your outfit on an Instagram photo has never been easier than since you redecorated your home in Moroccan fashion! Any of your outfit will be sublimated simply because it's surrounded by a Berber-style decor, you will turn conformism upside down! The surrounding environment will reflect elegance and good taste, in this decor your wildest, most extravagant or most classic outfits will be embellished with a sophisticated touch to enhance your shots.

Whether it is to make your followers dream, to have an original background, to inspire travel or to be inspired in return by the ethnic style of the Berber tribes; the choice of a Moroccan decor is a solution and an ideal option for your everyday photographs to be published on social networks.

Among a large choice of Moroccan rugs and poufs you will find something that suits you!  You will be able to create a real cocoon that your friends in real life as on Facebook will envy you.

Your most beautiful dresses or your most beautiful three-piece suit will be highlighted in an unusual and captivating interior design. Because that's what a Berber rug does when you see one for the first time: it captivates!  Your Instagram stories and other posts on social networks will be all the more captivating with a Moroccan decor!

What's more, the materials used to make the rugs are natural and environmentally friendly! Passing a message on the web by showing that you can opt for traditional objects, eco-responsible, chic and elegant at the same time to decorate your home will not go unnoticed in the news feed of your contacts.

Don't wait a second, you won't regret it, redecorate your home the Moroccan way! You will feel good at home, in a "cosy-chic-ethnic" style and your pictures will show it.


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