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Have you ever thought of using Berber rugs to warm up your home? These Moroccan rugs are still very popular. How can the combination of styles combining ethnic patterns and modern carpets continue to fascinate? The Traditional Berber carpet offers a wide range of designs to suit different tastes, guarantees the quality of handmade art, and can even be adapted to produce unique art as needed.

Decorating your home is always a difficult problem, choose the style, color, furniture and coordinate everything. On the one hand, it is important to feel good in your home, to find some of your personality in the atmosphere you create for the space.

The carpet is at the heart of any decoration. Choosing the right one can change the whole energy in your room. The reputation of Berber rugs is well established. Although the Moroccan rug has a long-standing reputation, that hasn't stopped people from being intrigued by the Berber rug. Why? Why are Moroccan rugs still so popular after centuries of craftsmanship? How to choose your Moroccan carpet between vintage, shaggy or contemporary style carpets?

We have explored for you this precious art in order to better understand the characteristics of each Berber carpet; and to understand how each type of Moroccan carpet style can match with the decoration of your living room, your bedrooms and even your workspace.

The vintage carpet: an ethnic-chic fashion

Whatever style of Berber rug you choose, you can be sure that it will bring an ethnic touch to your home! But if your goal is to amp up your room with exotic vibes while maintaining an elegant touch, you should consider investing in a vintage Moroccan rug.

Shades of green, yellow, orange and beige make a great base for a room rooted in vintage style. Berber rugs are traditional and have character. A vintage carpet can complement a decoration made of antique furniture and objects. It will match the old three-piece sideboard that families give each other from generation to generation. A vintage rug will enhance an old lacquered wooden table or a velvet or leather armchair.

Of course, if your decorating idea is something sober, smooth, and uncluttered; a vintage Moroccan rug will enhance the tone of your room. A carpet is an element that we notice when we enter a space but a vintage Berber carpet is not only noticed, it also makes people talk!

The geometric symbols or not that decorate each traditional Berber carpet represent a story, symbolizes the daily life and beliefs of the tribes of the Atlas Mountains. The colors used are both warm and classic. Ochre tones dominate the visual aspect of traditional carpets, ranging from dark brown, to light brown, through orange, beige and purple.

The traditional carpets before being qualified as vintage were and still are the style of carpets found in the great riads and palaces of the Orient. This is where Berber carpets get their characteristic chic and still represent luxury and abundance in the collective imagination.

With a vintage Moroccan carpet, you will add an exotic note, calling for travel, discovery and love of cultures here and elsewhere in your home.

The shaggy carpet and its cosy effect

Shaggy carpet, what is it? "Shag" translates from English as "long pile". Therefore, "shag carpet" is naturally a carpet made of longer than normal pile. This really means that when you buy a shaggy rug, you will get a rug with a pile height of more than three centimeters.

A "shaggy" rug is one with long strands or even bangs, and its material is often wool, cotton or acrylic. All Moroccan rugs qualified as shaggy are made of wool. The main advantage of this carpet is that it is soft and very comfortable!

The shaggy carpet is making its best comeback in the interior design industry! Forgotten for a long time, this original rug became the center of attention again a few years ago. Very fashionable, this carpet has turned out to be a real piece of sweetness.

Many of the Moroccan shaggycarpets are in light colors, often in white, off-white, beige and with simple, linear patterns. The light colors intensify the cocoon effect and the softness of the sheep's wool is also transmitted to the eyes in addition to its divine touch.

Ideal for a bedroom, a living room or even a child's room, once you start to appreciate the cosy effect of the shaggy carpet you won't be able to do without it. The thickness of the shaggy wool will soften your every step on the floor while giving you an extraordinary feeling. The shaggy carpet will be able to attenuate the small falls or throws of your children when they play in their room or their playroom.

The atmosphere of the room will be warmer and will transport you like in a mountain chalet at the foot of a fire crackling in the fireplace. Your home will never be as warm as with a shaggy rug to bring that touch of originality and coziness we all seek!

If you're worried about caring for a shaggy rug, stains on the wool will disappear as easily as on a shaggy rug.

The contemporary carpet for an art-modern decor

By definition, many Berber rugs are considered minimalist in terms of design. While the bright color swatches that sometimes adorn contemporary-style Moroccan rugs such as saffron yellow, ocean blue, purple red or lilac purple add a touch of pizzazz to most rooms, some remain more subdued than others.

In a room that already has many colors and eye-catching patterns and objects, try complementing your space with a sober, contemporary Berber rug featuring repeating patterns like diamonds or other simple lines. Don't hesitate to even opt for a plain carpet without a pattern to create a soothing yet comfortable atmosphere.

The simplicity of a contemporary Moroccan rug does not detract from its elegance and character. One could say that the contemporary Moroccan rug doesn't need to shine to stand out from the crowd. It is neither flashy nor overdone, the Berber carpet with contemporary style is appreciated for its sobriety. Minimalist but not banal, simple but far from being unnoticed!

A white background with small black dots, some black lines or shapes as abstract as the art-modern effect it gives off. Do you need more in your living room? The quality of the materials used to weave the Moroccan rugs will be enough to loosen the tongues of all your guests.

Add a classic pattern, a geometric shape, a detail on an ecru white tinted pile and you've got a piece of art on your living room floor that will complement your art-deco sofa or Gatsby couch perfectly. The cubist or art nouveau paintings that proudly hang on your walls will be in for a treat with your new contemporary Moroccan rug, as they will no longer be the sole focus of attention when people walk into your living room.

You will have understood it: the Moroccan carpet is your ally of tomorrow! The style of your interior will undeniably harmonize with a Berber carpet style. The vintage to enhance a sober decoration, the contemporary to give sobriety and elegance to your space and finally the shaggy for a home always cozier and a softness effect 100% guaranteed to make your home a real little nest.

The patterns and colors are so diverse that you will inevitably find the carpet that suits your apartment or your workspace. Don't wait any longer, now that you know the differences between the types of Moroccan rugs, go quickly and choose yours!

The uses of each carpet are as numerous as there are colors! A shaggy rug in the kids' room to make playing on the floor a pure moment of sweetness, a contemporary rug in your new office to impress your future clients or a vintage rug in your dining room to give it the look of a Moroccan palace!

The choice is yours and you won't regret it. The ideal Moroccan rug for your home is waiting for you. The term "interior design" does not have the same meaning without a Moroccan carpet to bring class, originality and quality to your rooms.



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