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Would you like to make some interior changes? It is enjoyable to update your home each season to reflect the newest fashions or simply to brighten the decor. You may change the ambience of your interior by making a few minor alterations Consider purchasing some pillows, a blanket for the couch, or a new Moroccan pouf!

There are several studios and workshops in Morocco. These provide a large variety of authentic handcrafted Moroccan goods from Morocco, as well as the Moroccan pouf. Moroccan poufs are distinctive due to its unique embroidery, designs, shapes, and colors. Poufs in both natural and metallic colors, such as silver or gold. Bright color enthusiasts have lots of options. Consider the hues of purple, pink, or blue. 


A Moroccan poufis a fantastic furniture piece that is entirely functional and can add beauty to your home. They are substantial and spherical, making them the perfect place to sit or put your feet up.  Camel hair is typically used to fill Moroccan poufs, giving them extraordinary shape and weight. However, as camel hair isn't precisely in great supply, a pre-filled modern pouf is almost probably going to be filled with polyester. The cases that poufs typically come in are empty; you must fill them yourself. If you buy a pouf that you have to stuff yourself. You can fill the poufwith whatever you choose, including old blankets, baby items, out-of-season clothes, newspapers, and anything else you want to hide away for a while. Just be sure to pack the pouf as tightly as you can. If you leave them even partially unstuffed, they will lose their structure.

The best Moroccan poufs are available in a wide range of hues, from royal blue to aqua and everything in-between. No two handmade poufs are same, making them unique works of art. Poufs can be used as footstools, tables, accent pieces, and seats. They can be kept out of the way under the table or as a fillip in a room corner. Poufs are effective in any decor. Bright poufs look fantastic in rooms with a wide range of textures, patterns, and design elements.


Origins of Moroccan Poufs:


When we think about Moroccan poufs, images of stars, leather, and brilliant colors come to mind. A pouf is described as "a large pillow used as a footstool or a low seat." Contemporary seats with bead coverings, poufs encourage comfort. Ottomans or Moroccan poufs are upholstered pieces of furniture made of exquisite leather. In terms of the number of civilizations, religions, and cultures it is home to, Morocco, a nation in North Africa, is the most diversified. Moroccan architecture, décor, and design are vibrant, opulent, and invigorating. It features a stunning design element that was borrowed from several cultures. In Sub-Saharan Africa, Moroccan poufs were passed down the generations from local Berbers to Arabs, Romans, Spaniards, and Africans.


There are many different styles of Moroccan poufs:


  • Moroccan leather poufs

Moroccan leather poufs are renowned for their appealing style and are hand-woven  They come in a variety of dazzling colors with gold and silver undertones.


  • Geometric Patchwork Pouf

These Moroccan poufs have a fascinating geometric design. The patchwork is available in a range of color combinations and is made of soft leather and cotton that has been hand-dyed. For a firmer look and seating, the beanbag liner can be taken out and replaced with polystyrene beans.


There are several uses for a Moroccan pouf, including:


Moroccan poufs are now used to decorate bedrooms and children's rooms in addition to living spaces. The poufs are becoming more and more common, even on terraces. The poufs serve a variety of functions.

  • Table

Place the gorgeous artwork in your work area with a few small chairs or stools around. You may hold your cup of coffee and read comfortably at your new table set.

  • Bench

Two leather poufs can be combined to create a beautiful seat. Both viewing a movie with your friend and organizing playdates for the kids are possibilities. Isn't it simple and fun? If you want to give your room the regal appearance you've always desired, it might even be attached to the bed.

  • Storage

Some poufs have surface-level hidden storage. Imagine sitting pleasantly and stress-free while being able to put your old books or priceless teacups inside the pouf. Isn't that amazing?

  • Footrest

A footrest is the only thing that seems to be lacking from a comfortable armchair. That is not the case if you've a pouf in your home. Put the pouf beside your preferred couch or recliner and unwind your feet while enjoying a favorite book.


Explore our selection of Moroccan poufs to determine which color and shape go best with your decor. It's good to note that Moroccan poufs go well with other Moroccan furnishings, like rugs, blankets, and pillows. Visit our Facebook or Instagram page for more inspiration.

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