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The Berber carpet is all fashionable in France and in the world at the moment. But did you know that the classic Berber carpet has actually existed for centuries? Even if the design of the carpet evolves over time, the secret of its authentic design is passed on from generation to generation in different Berber tribes. And what is even more interesting is that not all regions make the same type of Berber carpet. Thus there are several varieties of oriental carpets with different compositions and styles.

The different compositions of the Berber carpet

There are several reasons to buy a Berber carpet. Choosing the material of your Berber carpet is an important step when you want to buy a carpet. All materials do not have the same cost and especially the same quality and life span. So what to choose: wool, cotton or synthetic?

The wool Berber carpet

Wool is a natural fiber derived from sheep. Wool is the most resistant fiber for Berber carpets and one of the most appreciated for its resistance and its quality. A woolen Berber carpet, when well maintained, can last a lifetime. That's why Nomad has chosen for the vast majority of its carpets to offer 100% natural wool carpets.

The Berber carpet in cotton

Cotton is a natural material that is often found in the composition of Berber carpets. Very practical, it reinforces the permeability of your carpet. Moreover it is a material which is easily cleaned. These cotton carpets can be kept for up to 20 years.

Synthetic Berber carpet

What is most easily found on the market is the synthetic Berber carpet. They are generally not handmade. They are the cheapest but also those of lesser quality. This fiber tangles and crushes more easily than wool for example. Moreover it tends to attract dirt and makes the carpet difficult to clean. The synthetic Berber carpet can be a solution if you are looking for a cheap carpet that you can keep for a few years.

Now that you know the main compositions possible for these rugs, let's take a look at some of the different types of berber rugs.

The different types of Berber carpet

The Berber carpet Beni ouarain

The traditional Beni OuarainĀ carpets are handmade carpets from Morocco. They are quality natural wool carpets. Most often they are made of white wool and with brown or black geometric patterns. They are very trendy and will embellish your living room, your bedroom or whatever room you choose.

The Berber Kilim carpet

The kilim carpet is an oriental woven carpet, made of pure sheep's wool. The traditional design of these carpets endures. It is a Berber secret of the looms for nearly 10,000 years and are now very popular for decoration.

The Berber carpet Azilal

The Berber carpet Azilal is a carpet of southern Morocco, originating from the region of Morocco that bears the same name. They are wool carpets, handmade with alternating patterns.

The Berber carpet Boucherouite

Traditionally the Berber Boucherouite carpet is a carpet woven with textile fabric. They are most often made of cotton, nylon and/or synthetic material. When they are handmade, they are the result of a meticulous work by the weavers, to obtain a carpet of quality.

You now know more about the different varieties of Berber carpet. Do not hesitate to visit our store to find the best Berber carpet for your home.

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