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Buyers of Berber poufs often ask: how do we fill them?

Nomad33's Berber poufs are handmade by Berber craftsmen. Fair trade, they are made of wool with a zipper on the bottom of the pouf for easy filling. The zipper is located underneath so that it is not visible once the pouf is placed. Once your pouf is delivered to your home, you will need to fill it. The poufs are very comfortable but for that you have to fill them well. Indeed, a common mistake is not to fill your Moroccan pouf enough. Today we are going to share all our best tips and 3 ways to make your pouf round, plump and beautiful.

These 3 tips for filling your Moroccan pouf are very simple and accessible to all.

1 - Fill your Moroccan pouf with polyester (or pillow stuffing).

This first technique is probably the easiest way to fill your pouf. We recommend using an amount proportional to the size of your pouf.

This type of stuffing will fill your footstool well, but if you want your footstool to be stiff you will need to use our next techniques. This technique is useful if you want to use your pouf primarily as a decorative element and not as a pouf to sit comfortably on.

2 - Fill your Moroccan pouf with unused clothes and textiles

This second method is both very effective and ecological. It allows you to sort through your home to find textiles that you no longer use and ideal for making your pouf heavy and plump.

Start by looking in your closets for unused textiles. Of course, you will find used jeans that you no longer wear, children's clothes. You may even find towels you no longer use, or an old comforter you no longer use...

It will take some effort to find enough textiles to fill your berber pouf, but isn't it nice to sort through and give your clothes a new life? This is the best method of filling if you plan to use your Moroccan pouf for sitting. Indeed, the different textiles will make your pouf heavy and stable enough to sit on.

Tip: You've used up all the old jeans, towels and unused pillows you have around the house and your pouf is still lacking a little bulk? You can add some polyester stuffing to make your berber pouf very round. To get that nice round pouf shape, you need to fill it up as much as possible.

3 - Fill your Moroccan pouf with feather pillows.

Feather pillows are very practical for filling Moroccan poufs. They are very comfortable and soft and the price/quality ratio is perfect. Favour the large size of cushions to fill your Berber pouf.

This is a little more expensive than using polyester stuffing, but it makes the pouf more comfortable.

You now know several techniques for filling your Moroccan pouf. We hope these 3 methods will suit your needs and help you master the art of Berber pouf filling. And if you still haven't ordered your poufs, you can visit our store and custom order your pouf according to your taste.



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