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Moroccan rugs have become an obsession in the design world. So if you don't always have a Berber rug in your home, here are 7 things to know that will make you fall in love. But first, a quick reminder.

Authentic Berber rugs have been handmade by the tribal people in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco for generations. Originally these people used these Berber rugs as warm and comfortable bed covers. Indeed these hand woven carpets are much softer and smoother than traditional carpets. They are made mostly from sheep's wool stored at high altitudes, which produces a particularly thick and warm fiber.

Now here are the reasons to have a Berber carpet at home:

  1. The carpet is fashionable and original

Berber rugs have been seen everywhere, and the trend shows no sign of abating. In fact, this trend has been going on for a long time and continues to grow and spread in several countries around the world. Find the best Berber rugs offered by NOMAD33.

  1. Super soft and welcoming

Made in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, these handmade rugs are designed with warmth in mind: put one in the bedroom and you'll make your feet very happy, especially during winter days.

  1. Comfortable to sit on

A Berber rug in your child's room would be ideal for him. Indeed, having a toddler means spending a lot of time on the floor, and these rugs are so soft and plush that you'd think you were sitting on a floor cushion. Your knees will thank you (or rather your child's knees).

  1. Moroccan carpet durable in time

The composition of these natural fiber rugs is extremely durable, and spills are very easy to clean when treated quickly. We don't recommend putting your rug in the hallway where dirty boots would trample, but otherwise, they could take over any other room.

  1. Goes with a multitude of decorations

Your Berber carpet will fit in with many different types of decorations. Its neutral tone and subtle patterns blend with bright or subtle colors, flowers, stripes, geometric prints... and anything else you can imagine!

  1. Berber carpets are unique

Each Berber carpet is handmade, so each carpet is unique. Owning a carpet means that you are the only person to own that carpet. Each one has a slightly different color, pattern and shape, making it a wonderful way to personalize your home. No one will have a Berber rug quite like yours.

  1. Available at all prices

If you decide to buy a Berber rug, you may find the prices a little high, which is why NOMAD33's store offers several Berber rugs at competitive, fair-trade prices. If you also wish to personalize your Berber carpet with your dimensions and colors, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.



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