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The difference between Morocco’s many Berber Carpets

Before we Discuss Berber Rugs — a Backstory!

We’re saying this with complete sincerity: every single person that purchased a Berber Carpet from our store was either an artist, or deeply fond of art.

And if we’re being honest, it doesn’t strike us as a major surprise. Afterall, our Berber Rug Store is dedicated to expanding Morocco’s artistic perspective. Naturally, our audience will be composed of individuals endowed with the spirit of art.

However, the point of this brief article is to express our joy in recent findings, as well as help people distinguish between the different types of Moroccan Carpets.

But why, you might ask, should we inform carpet-enthusiasts with basic Berber Carpet knowledge? 

Here’s where we express our joy;

We’ve noticed a rising uptick in newcomers! We’re talking about people who have never considered the alluring design of a Berber Carpet — getting smitten by our rugs!

Appreciating the Berber Women of the Atlas Mountains

Being recognized for your work is heartwarming. Long hours of work and sleepless, grinding nights feel worthy whenever you receive the appreciation you think you deserve. We listen, understand, and are striving to seamlessly communicate feedback to the artisans we work with.

Berber Craftswoman weaving a carpet

Anyone could’ve seen it on their faces. Smiling at us with joy and compassion, upon hearing that people who had no grasp of the notion of a ‘Berber Rug’ are now buying their creations.

Two of our staff members figured that if people are getting more interested, we should express that, and help them differentiate between Berber Rugs.

There are many things to note about a Berber Carpet. For instance, Berber Carpets hold markings and symbols that award them their value and character.

We collectively thought it was a good idea, and we’ve decided to give it a go! We’ll start with wool, work our way through silk & cloth, until we arrive at reed & leather.

The Different Types of Berber Rug Materials

We’ll start off with the difference between Types of Berber Rugs. In order to keep everything easily-remembered, we’ll go by category.

First up, we have Wool Berber Rugs: Beni Ourain Rugs, Beni Mrirt Rugs, and Vintage Carpets. All of these carpets share this soft, seamless, and lush feature! They’re all made out of wool.

Some of the oldest Boujad Carpets still maintain their ruggedness, even after withstanding life’s harsh demands. And now, they're widely appreciated for their Bohemian appeal!

Silk & Cloth Berber Rugs: A Boucherouite Carpet is like the Jack of all trades! A harmonious mix of colours, material, and design that brings about Morocco’s friendly & welcoming atmosphere. 

The Berber women of the Atlas Mountains join pieces of what used to be regal, silken rugs with antique carpets, and create something out of the ordinary! 

Our Boucherouite Rug section in our store is like a wonderland. Everything’s coloured, bright, and joyous!

Tuareg Mats: You’ll notice that we’ve used ‘Tuareg’, the name of a region in the Sahara, instead of ‘wood, reed, or leather’. It’s because Tuareg Mats are exclusively woven using this particular combination.

You might stumble upon the odd Tuareg Berber Rug that’s woven only using one or two of those materials. But, rest assured, you won’t find a Tuareg Mat that’s woven using something other than wood or leather.

The Difference Between Berber Carpets

Each person has a unique, distinct attraction towards a Berber Carpet. But, we have noticed that some rugs are appreciated more the the others. And they have their reasons. So, we've decided to begin with the most favoured of Berber Carpets!

Beni Ourain Rugs: Usually white, with lozenge patterns, and a smooth texture. Granted, most Berber Wool Rugs have a smooth texture, but a Beni Ourain Carpet feels different. 

If you go by the maxim: ‘There’s beauty in simplicity’, then you’ll surely appreciate this type of carpet. With light colours, geometric shapes, and a rugged nature, a Beni Ourain Carpet will surely enchant your home with a soothing aura.

White Beni Ouarain Carpet

What’s also great about Beni Ourain Carpets is their availability and reduced, special price! 

You’ll be able to adorn your living room on a budget! However, that certainly does not imply that Beni Ourain Carpets are of any less quality. They’re equally durable, resilient, and hypoallergenic!

If you're not sure whether or not you have Wool Allergy, give this article from Healthline a read. It offers great insight on the subject, especially if you have kids. However, you should always consult a doctor if you have any specific concerns.


Boujad Carpets: Usually, it’s the Boujad Rug that initiates the attraction with most of our customers. These Vintage Rugs hail from the village of Boujad, Khenifra. A town in Morocco, where weaving was a vital part in developing the area and allowing its inhabitants to create.


Purple Boujad Carpet

 Years ago, during a surge of creativity and manufacturing, the Boujad Tribe was blooming with delightful, contemporary carpets. And as time passed by, these carpets have increased in value.

Those who decided to keep them as heirlooms, are preserving a treasure. And those who decided to sell them, actually made a small fortune! 

Boujad Rugs went through life with ease, battled their way through the Atlas’ rugged conditions, and some of them are resting in palatial chambers as we type this!

If you’re interested in a symbol of perseverance, beauty, and liveliness, then a Boujad Rug will surely appease you!

Tuareg Mats: You’ll easily spot a Tuareg Mat. You’ll instantly know it’s a Mauritanian Mat when you see one! 


Usually, they’re large, brown, and are reinforced with leather. These sturdy masterpieces were woven in Mauritania, by Tuareg craftsmen. Most people appreciate the Tuareg Mat’s antique history and heritage. These reed carpets are different from their woollen brethren, and that surely doesn’t mean they’re any less appreciated!

Lay one of these majestic mats in your living room, and notice how the entire setting becomes infused with an antique, regal appeal!

Beni Mrirt Carpets: Luxurious, appealing, and flawless! In order to weave a Beni Mrirt Rug, you’ll need a team of skilled weavers, people to harvest, wash, dry, and dye the wool, and a patient bunch that are willing to work on a single project, non-stop, for a whole trimester.

These carpets are renowned, appreciated, and their texture and design speak for themselves.

Green Beni Mrirt Carpet


You’ll find a wide array of Beni Mrirt Carpets. Each one more magnificent than the other, and all boasting a myriad of colours, shapes, and motifs.

And as you might’ve guessed, since they’re prestigious, they’represtigiously  priced — and rightfully so! The work that goes into weaving a Mrirt Rug awards it its value. And carpet lovers seem to have appreciated this concept.

Boucherouite Rugs: It’s never the same with Berber Carpets. You might find a category that seems to have adopted a certain design or shape, but since creativity has no bounds, you’ll definitely find some rugs that defy the odds.

Small Boucherouite Rug


For example, Boucherouite Rugs are usually compact, small, and can fit almost anywhere. Of course, that’s not the defining characteristic, but it’s common among Boucherouite Rugs.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to find a Boucherouite Carpet that’s a bit large or monochromatic. In fact, those are quite rare, and therefore precious.

Take a look at our special Boucherouite Carpet, that goes against the current, and decides to live as a large, boastful carpet!

What’s great about Berber Rugs is that no matter how much you try to define them, put them into defining categories, you’ll always find a rug that will attempt to introduce you to a change of notions.

Our Take on Berber Carpets

Our journey within this realm has been rewarding. And as we continue to weave new rugs and provide a loving home for antique carpets, we keep feeling the same, irreplaceable feeling of satisfaction that we get whenever a customer, staff member, or Berber weaver is coloured with a smile because of a Berber Rug!

This was our collective attempt to make newcomers feel more familiar with Berber Carpets. And we hope that we’ve made things clearer. 

If you're not sure that you've had a proper introduction to the world of Berber Carpets — check out this blog detailing different uses of Berber Carpets in Morocco.

Give this article a quick read and discover how Berber Carpets suit specific seasons. Whether it's blisteringly cold, scorching hot, or jubilantly breezy, you'll definitely make use of an authentic, handmade Moroccan Berber Rug!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll answer all of your questions, whether they’re related to rugs, weaving, or Moroccan mint tea!

Talk to us — we’re specialized in all three fields!

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