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Moroccan Carpet Shops. What's Ours Like?

The First Glance at a Berber Moroccan Carpet

When people enter a shop -- any type of shop, not necessarily one that sells Berber Carpets -- especially if they’re in Morocco, they take a look around and admire the shop’s offerings.

This provides an opportunity for the visitor to further expand their choices and try new products. And usually, this is regarded as an ‘effective sales technique’ that’s supposed to broaden the buyer’s range.

In our case, it’s more or less the same — except, we’re showcasing for different purposes.

vintage berber rug at a carpet shop

First off, we’re certain that Moroccan Carpets will spark a joyous feeling. Not only that, but we also know that our visitors will admire anything eccentric, rare, or unique.

And our Nomad33 Studio & Gallery has a wide array of collections, paintings, and antique heirlooms. And since we’re a Carpet Shop, we also possess a wide array of Berber Vintage Rugs.

And to complement the treasures, we’ve got the attitude to go with them!

The Nomadd33 Carpet Store Staff — and Visitors!

Whenever we get a visitor, we offer them a chance to explore the world of Moroccan and Berber Rugs and art in general. Whether they’re interested in valuable paintings that encompass Morocco’s jovial atmosphere, or they delight in seeing rare works of art laid in display - they’ll surely appreciate the Nomad33 studio and gallery.

The studio and gallery come with special helpers. Ones that will fill you in on the history of those items, in addition to making you interested in new artforms. Start a conversation with any of our team members, and it will certainly end in one of you learning more about culture and art!

Your Moroccan Carpet Experience

By working together, showing great customer care, and listening to feedback, we were able to build a haven for every artistic soul out there. Take a stroll, look around, and ask away! Being at a place filled with masterpieces and precious pieces of art will definitely enhance your experience in Morocco.

Berber Rugs & Pottery at a berber carpet store


Whenever you’re in Marrakech, make sure to pay our Nomad33 studio and gallery a visit. We’ll take you in, show you around, and immerse, together, in authentic, genuine, and breathtaking Moroccan art!

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