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Have You Thought About Decorating Your Room With Berber Carpets?

It’s 2021, and people have tried everything with Berber Carpets. We’re developing our own way to decorate a setting, but it’s still in the works.

Vintage Tuareg Mat Wide Shot

So far, we’ve discovered that these rugs can go anywhere! Whether you decide to hang them on a wall, lay them in a living room, or out on the patio, you’ll definitely appreciate their captivating allure!

Before we finally release our Moroccan Rug Bible, we figured we’d share some insights with you. 

Discover 4 Different Moroccan Berber Carpet Categories That'll adorn your Home!

We’ll start with the youngest — and they happen to be the ‘prestigious’ of the bunch. Luxury Mrirt Rugs!

Laying a carpet is a great way to bring warmth and comfort to a house. Let it be a living room, a bedroom, or an office, having a Mrirt Rug present promises luxury. These gorgeous carpets come in different shapes, colours, and sizes.

These contemporary pieces of art are perfect for those who are interested in the charm and grace of a newly woven carpet. 

Quick tip: Try switching between different positions to decrease indentation. This shouldn’t worry you, and is merely considered as extra measures to take care of your new, woollen baby!

Luxurious Mrirt Rug at a Gallery

Vintage Boujad Rugs - Old, Antique, and Historical!

Vintage Moroccan Rugs have been around for a long time. The youngest in our Boujad fleet is around 38 yearsyoung! These amazing carpets were woven in the Atlas Mountains by meticulous artisans. 

Thanks to their traditional way of weaving, the world was graced with gorgeous-looking carpets that are ready to live for another century!

Have a Boujad Rug in your bedroom, if you’re into the Bohemian, wild appeal. Otherwise, you can lay it anywhere and create your own setting. Just because it’s old-looking, doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing they can do!

Boujad Vintage Rug at an Art Gallery

What’s Compact, Colourful, and Extremely Appealing? Boucherouite Rugs!

The choices are endless with this one! Lay a Small Boucherouite Rug anywhere in your home, and you’ll instantly notice a jubilant, joyous aura take over! These masterpieces -pieces taking on a literal meaning- are sure to embellish any setting!

You can choose to lay them at a room’s doorstep, beneath a small table, or right next to your bed for when you wake up. Again, the choices are endless!!

Berber Boucherouite Carpet PhotoshootWhat we’re sure of is that wherever you end up laying one of these rugs, you’ll surely appreciate their soothing, colourful, and vivid appeal!

Straight From The Sahara — Vintage Tuareg Mats!

The notion of a Vintage Berber Carpet takes on a whole other meaning with Tuareg Mats. These rugged and durable carpets ensure resilience, along with Bohemian grace!

Vintage Tuareg Mat On Display

Made out of reed and leather, these sturdy carpets will be a part of your collection forever! When you’re purchasing a Tuareg Mat, you’re inviting a new heirloom into your family! And whether you end up hanging it for display, or you’ve laid it in your living room, rest assured that it’ll definitely award the right feeling!

To Each, Their Own… Berber Carpet.

Art is expression. If you resonate with a piece you deem artistic, then good for you! Carry on, and more power to you! 

This is to say that you should decorate your room based on what you find appealing. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with being inspired, in fact, it’s encouraged.

But, ultimately, the result is felt vividly when you’re in the middle of your own creation.

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