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Where and when did Berber and Moroccan Rugs Appear?

Long before Moroccan Rugs existed.

Moroccan Rugs and carpets have an antique history. They can be traced back almost 2500 years ago, between the regions of China and Iran. If you were to really hone in on the subject, you’ll find that the manufacturing of rugs and carpets are as old as the manufacturing of clothes.

And it does make sense, doesn’t it?

Since people 2500 years ago figured out that by using almost the same materials and reagents, they could make something they could sleep on, use to embellish their houses, and protect themselves from cold.

It was fated for Moroccan Rugs to become traditional, commonly used, and stylish objects. These woollen floor coverings climbed through history and made their way to the Berber region in Morocco - where it transformed from simple floor covers to means of expression and art.

ºMoroccan Rugs and Berber Rugs - What’s the Difference?

Morocco, in general, is home to many types and styles of rugs. But, two main developments stand out, the Moroccan and the Berber.

Moroccan Rugs at the Capital!

The former can be seen in the capital, Rabat, Médiouna, or Fez. These rugs are ornamented in different ways, with different patterns, and using different colours and techniques. With inspirations from the oriental, these rugs can be dated back to the Andalusian period, where Muslim craftsmen joined Morocco.

Red Rabat Rug with Floral Patterns

Colourful Rabat Rug with floral patterns.

Berber Rugs - Unite!

There are many different Berber tribes in Morocco. And they have developed their own way to make a rug. Many great Berber groups such as the Boujads, The Ouarains, and the village of Beni Mrirt have developed their own and unique way to weave rugs by depicting different colours and symbols on their weavings.

Pink Berber Boujad Rug with Brown Motifs

A pink, smooth and gorgeous Berber Boujad Rug!

And during their endeavours through time, Berber Rugs have transcended simple covers to - become a way of life and artistic expression! Despite their simplicity and flimsiness at times.

Mystery and enigmas are also present in Berber rug weaving. You’ll find symbols, Amazigh scripts, and emblems that carry the Berber identity to a whole other extent.

One thing we’re sure of is that we’re glad this rug culture exist. They allow us to be creative, inspire us, and allow us to continue doing what our ancestors once considered a lifestyle. Rugs are woven identities, traditions, and culture; stuffed, beautifully, into wool, threads, and skilful techniques.

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