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What Makes us Adore Berber Carpets?

What's not to adore about a piece of art that'll be a part of your family forever? Some people might have different opinions, and rightfully so. The so-called 'magical effect' a Berber Carpet has on a person is ineffable. However, we'll surely try our best to give you brief and succinct information.




Without further ado, here are the reasons why we're drawn to Berber Carpets.

The first, apparent, and obvious reason.

Everything Berber Carpet-related is interesting to us. It stands to reason. We are a Berber Carpet Store, after all. Most of our staffers have been Berber Rug aficionados since their youth. Charming objects like Moroccan Carpets do have that effect on people — and we’re hoping it’ll be the same on you!

That’s right, this is a not-so-subtle attempt to make you fall in love with Moroccan Carpets. 🤐

At the risk of being labelled ‘unrestrained capitalists’, we won’t plug any items. This is purely for informative purposes.

In addition, we're doing this for the diamond-hearted, hard-working, and ever-glowing women weavers living in the Atlas Mountains.

The thought of their meticulous works to go unnoticed makes us feel disheartened. They are, after all, 50% of the company. Without them, we wouldn’t have any Berber Carpets to preach about. And so, here's our tribute to the Berber women of the Atlas, and Berber Carpets, in general.

The first time a Berber Carpet appeared

The history of these carpets is a definite factor in our appreciation of Berber Carpets.

Before you find out the answer, take a wild guess. Ask yourself "When was the first Berber Carpet woven?"

First, take a look at this picture of the Atlas Mountains, and breathe in its majestic, antique atmosphere.


If it's anything between 10 and 30 years ago — you're way off!

True Vintage Berber Carpets are considered to be valuable treasures. Some villager salesmen are so confident, in fact, that they're keeping their 76-year old carpet safe, hidden, and hopefully, increasing in value.

These heirlooms played a vital role in shaping the Berber culture. Like many civilisations, Berber culture had its unique symbols, markings, and emblems that were depicted on Berber Carpets. Documenting heritage has many forms. But, by far, the Berber Carpet is the most jubilant, colourful, and descriptive! At least to Berber Carpet lovers!

When did Berber Carpets started gaining popularity?

We are yet to meet the first person who said 'God, that's a wonderful creation!' and started this entire hype about Berber Carpets.

Of course, if it weren't for the one, someone else would've said it. The magic appeal of a Berber Carpet cannot go unnoticed. You'll feel drawn to its enchanting aura the instant you take a glance at it. That's what got us at first. Even as children, we were always fascinated with Berber Carpets.

Before the 20th century, Berber Carpets weren't really in demand. Due to the lack of a bigger market and audience, Moroccan Berber Carpets were produced to sate personal needs or provide the needs of an internal market. And so, a long period of time went by, where works of art were treated as usual house furniture.


*An 18th-century bedroom may have not looked this neat, but the rug sure did!! 

Will Berber Carpets lose their popularity?

We've thought about this, with all our hearts, and have concluded the following: It's possible, but, definitely not probable.

The first thought that drove us to think that is the fact that Berber Carpets are versatile. You get a single parent category, Wool Berber Carpets, and within this category lies an array of astonishing & enchanting selections. 

People do appreciate change. Somehow, change is always regarded as 'good'. And while sometimes that may prove to be true, it's not always the case, especially with Berber Carpets. These amazing creations will grow on you. You'll treat them as part of your family, and cater to them as such.


We went the extra mile, and thought "What if change is inevitable?" And still, we've arrived at the same conclusion — you might go for a different colour, shape, or texture, but it'll always be a Berber Rug!

Our final take on Wool Berber Rugs

We think our feelings towards Berber Carpets are obvious. We love them! To speak for myself, I, Aicha, the person writing this, have not become bored of, nor am I dulled by my continuous, unending gazes into Berber Rugs. 

And as I'm writing this, I hear cheers and claps of approval coming from the other side of the office — *I'm a vocal typer.

The feeling of companionship that you feel with a loved one is the same way we feel towards carpets. They're not mere objects, they're pieces of art, telling a story.

In addition to trading responsibly, we're also very keen on spreading the jubilant, colourful messages of Berber Carpets. Furniture stores or even carpet dealers outside Morocco can reach out to us for a lending hand! We have managed to work with many providers outside Morocco, and we're focused on the least possible margin — in order to encourage them to lower their prices!

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