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Responsible Trading

Creative manifestation, economic growth, and beautiful, rugged results

Why do we make rugs in the Atlas Mountains?

In addition to uplifting the economy of the Atlas region, you will contribute to the perseverance of this almost-extinct trade. Passed on to us by our great-grandparents, weaving and crafting rugs is an essential component in our lives. As opposed to synthetic materials and ‘factorial rugs’ ours are handwoven and made with natural wool. Morocco’s ancient and authentic tradition of weaving has lasted many generations, and it’s our mission to preserve it - and to pass it on. 

The weavers and craftsman working with our company are immensely appreciated. Without them, there wouldn’t be Nomad33. Thanks to their craftsmanship and to our mutual adoration for Morocco and the Atlas, we’re able to work harmoniously and further innovate and produce quality rugs that embellish every room or hall.

We exceed almost all standards of industry and labour. We’re ethical, passionate, and the best at what we do. By joining our creative and authentic design team with our rigorous craftsmen, we were able to begin on a Moroccan journey through its rugs; and with the company of friendly, meticulous, and lively professionals that work their hearts out.