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Trendy accessory of the moment, the Berber carpet finds its place in all the rooms and allows to bring style to your house. Of Moroccan origin, it is recognizable by its sets of patterns and colors. Difficult to know which one will be the perfect match for your custom-made sofa? Today we have decided to give you some tips on how to choose your Berber carpet!

The various materials of Berber carpet

Berber rugs are not all made in the same way. They are not all made of the same fibers.

Berber carpet in nylon

Nylon fibers are resistant and easy to maintain. Because of this, nylon berber rugs are ideal for a space with regular traffic. If you have children running around the sofa, this rug is perfect!

Thanks to its inexpensive fibers, this model is offered at affordable prices. Also think about opting for an anti-stain treatment to guarantee a top carpet for as long as possible!

Wool Berber carpet

The wool berber carpet is inseparable from the cocooning style because of its softness and mellowness!

Real Berber carpets are rarely made with synthetic materials. Most carpets are made with natural wool. This is what makes them so authentic, comfortable and durable. We therefore advise you to choose 100% wool as for the Beni Ouarain carpets. Carpet what? Don't panic, we'll explain.

The different types of Berber carpet

Berber carpets do not all have the same style, they differ according to their region of origin.

The Kilim carpets

The Kilim carpet is the only carpet woven flat. Generally thinner than the others, it is ideal for sober decorations.

The Azilal carpets

An Azilal will give "pep" to the room! Characterized by its original patterns and colors, it will bring cachet to a dull room. It is the ideal Berber carpet for a warm and friendly atmosphere!

You can also count on it to perfectly match a bohemian style!

The Beni Ouarain carpets

You want a Berber carpet, elegant and refined? A high-quality wool, which will fit your minimalist interior. The Beni Ouarain is for you!

The Beni Ouarain carpet is often two-tone, black and white or brown and white. It is easily recognizable thanks to its geometric patterns. It is perfect to give a chic and authentic side to the room.

The Boucherouite carpets

All these carpets are nice but they get stained, dust accumulates and are not always easy to maintain. What you like is what has style but is quick to clean. We understand you!

The Boucherouite is made from recycled wool or fabric. And hold on to your hat: a simple run in the washing machine is all it takes to make it look like new!

Very colorful and original, this model offers a bohemian chic and vintage atmosphere.

Recognize a real Berber carpet

Nylon, wool, Azilal or Boucherouite rugs, you are spoilt for choice to find the one that will suit your interior. Now, it is appropriate to ask: how to recognize a true Berber carpet? It would be a shame to find the ideal model but to fall on a pure factory creation, don't you think?

Berber carpets are recognizable by 4 elements

  • The material: they are always made of sheep's wool from the Middle Atlas, extra-virgin, without dye, with a very soft touch
  • The color: traditional carpets generally have handmade pigmentations, although there are more sober models, or pastels.
  • The knotting: the Berber carpet is handmade; the knotting can not be regular. Hence the irregularities at the corners of the carpet.
  • The bangs: made on a loom, the bangs on one side is the signature of the Berber carpet. They represent the finishing knots of the carpet.

Apart from the typical traditional carpet, many other elements are inspired by Berber design, so you can afford to give "a Berber style" to your home!

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