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Berber Wool Carpets and their Origins

In ancient times, trading Berber Carpets was a means to earn a living. Merchant caravans would go through numerous roads – mainly from Marrakesh to the Mediterranean. And along their journey, these merchants passed through the High & Middle Atlas Mountains. 

white moroccan wool rug in a bedroom

The merchants traded various other items other than Moroccan Rugs. They would pass through tribes and villages, display their offerings, and continue their long, tiring, and somewhat amusing path to trade more.

Saharan Berbers also travelled to Egypt, the Middle East, and Turkey. The latter was the culture that named the Flatweave Rug 'Kilim Rugs'.

And now, after all these years, as a universal collective, we've managed to develop new ways to adorn our settings.

So whether you already have a place for your Berber Carpet, or you're still confused and searching on ingenious ways to put your new woollen friend on display, you'll surely love what we have in stock!

berber carpet in a living room

Dress your Wall with Berber Carpets

In Berber villages, due to the scarcity of materials, people have developed new ways to partition spaces. You guessed it! They use Berber Wool Rugs! These make for amazing space dividers that will neatly set a tone for your space.

Moroccan wool rug hung on a wall

Moroccan Rugs can be used as alternatives to wall paintings. Thanks to their vivid nature and colourful appeal, you may hang them on a wall and stare at a woollen work of art whenever you pass by!

The Obvious & Famous Choice!

Usually, people think about Berber Carpets when they want to use them as floor coverings. So telling you this won't really increase your decor resources.

But, we'd like to remind you that even though there are some questionable colour combinations and designs, that shouldn't be an issue. When choosing a Berber Carpet, make sure to use your instincts. Stand in the middle of your living room, bedroom, or any space that you wish to adorn, and picture a perfect Moroccan Rugin the middle of your room.

berber wool rug in a living room with furniture

That's how we use carpets for our spaces, and it has never steered us wrong.

And of course, to imagine the carpet of your dreams, you have to see it first. Take a look through our collections and see if any of our Moroccan Wool Carpets spark something within you! 

You'll know that it's the right choice for you when the first glance at a carpet makes you feel something.

A Good Night with a Berber Carpet!

Wedding customs in ancient Berber villages involved Moroccan Rugs & Wool blankets. These were believed to ward off the evil eye and protect the newlywed.

berber wool blanket on bed with dogs on the bedWe may have strayed off of these customs, but no one can deny the beauty of Berber Wool Blankets!

Getting Authentic Berber Wool Carpets

Nomad33 offers a wide selection of Berber Wool Carpets. Our roster of resilient, everliving, and gorgeous rugs will surely transform your home into an easy, nourishing, and vibrant abode!

Discover our array of choices and introduce your home to a jubilant atmosphere! And remember, wherever you decide to put your Berber Wool Carpet, you'll definitely appreciate the appeal!


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