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The Berber carpet… our Moroccan heritage. Thousands of years ago, Berber tribes made the 8th wonder “The berber Carpet”, since it was made to this day, it has been the center of attention of the world’s most famous artists, designers and people in general. You can find it placed at any home in the world, because of its charm, sophistication and luxurious design. It has been mentioned in worldwide magazines, newspapers and presented in YSL museum in Marrakech. The Desert Design exhibition reveals the rare talent of women weavers, while inviting to a space-time escape in a landscape with a thousand riches. It is also a journey where textiles tell, through a canvas of pattern and a cry of color, modernity and freedom of expression, the genesis of a tribal style resolutely contemporary.

An exhibition that echoes the heritage that the Berber Museum, open since 2011 in the heart of the Jardin Majorelle, through its collections of Amazigh rugs.

The Berber carpet has become without doubt a classic that comes in many shapes, colors and patterns to give a singularity to the interior of each.

The first type of carpet we think of when we hear Berber carpet is undoubtedly the Beni Ouarain, it has conquered the hearts of many people by its simplicity and purity. Nevertheless, there are several other types of Berber carpets with colors and patterns that generally represent the tribe of origin of the weaver.

Discover in pictures how to integrate the Berber carpet in your decoration.

 1- In a mid-century living room

In a Parisian apartment with beautiful moldings and high ceilings and a mid-century decor, the Berber carpet brings warmth and completes the elegance of the room.

2 - In an industrial style living room

Concrete floor, red brick wall and workshop glass roof, it is to an industrial style that this carpet is granted and the association is a real success.

3 - In a boho chic dining room

While it is often used in living rooms, the vintage rug completes the boho chic style kitchen dining room.

4 - The girly corner

The multicolored rug with white background finds its place in a girly corner of a bedroom. It is the piece that takes all the colors of the rest of the furniture to create unity and harmony.

5 - On the floor, no, on the wall!

It is not on the floor that the Berber carpet has found its place but on the wall as a painting. Many Berber tribes use carpets to decorate their walls during major holidays, and it is quite possible in a contemporary interior.

6 - In the bedroom

To start the day with a feeling of softness or fluffy as the Americans say, what better than to put your foot on a Berber carpet every morning?

 7 - Tone on tone

When you start with tone on tone, the texture plays a key role. This Berber carpet brings texture and color nuances to the space.

8 - The Boucherouite in the library

In this living room area, the Boucherouite Berber carpet adds texture and especially color to this library. In addition to being an upcycled product from old fabrics, the Boucherouite is easy to maintain and often contains very original colors and associations.

9 - The mix and match

This large Berber rug with its simple and clean lines creates unity in this dining room composed of delicately mixed and matched pieces.

10 - At the picnic

When the weather allows it, the Berber carpet can be used for a very glamorous picnic.

You will have seen it, the Berber carpets can be integrated into several interiors and even exteriors, it is the piece which will dress your interior and will add elegance to it in all simplicity. Find yours in our collection or write to us to realize your customized Berber Carpet.

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