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We all know that Moroccan rugs are one of the most fascinating works of art. If their shapes did not capture your attention enough, then their vivid colors definitely will. They come in different sizes and styles that merge with any type of style; be it modern, vintage or traditional; a Berber carpet will definitely sublimate it. Moroccan rugs stand out and are easily recognized. Each pattern on these exquisitely crafted rugs tells a different story through their intricate design, making them both gorgeous and one of a kind. Since the 16th century, when tribe weavers first began producing their exquisite carpets as a result of their nomadic lifestyle, Moroccan rugs have been an integral aspect of the nation's culture. As they were divided into tribes, each carpet adopted the name of the tribe from which it originated, as well as having its unique design, hues, symbols, and narratives. These ethnic carpets are more popular than ever in the present time.

The Beni Ouarain are the kings of the Moroccan Berber rugs. They are distinctive with their light mixed colors; usually brown, white or black. They come in different sizes to go with any interior or space. They have a majestic look, which goes very well with luxurious designs.

This Beni Ourain rug is produced from premium materials and is uniquely manufactured from 100% pure wool, which makes it stand out from other rugs.

Using traditional Moroccan processes, wool is woven into a very delicate texture. The wool is colored with high-quality fabric dyes to give it various colors, ensuring that the colors of this rug will not fade over time.

Despite being difficult to come by, most Berber rugs are comprised of these materials. This demonstrates the artisans’ commitment.

In recent years, the appeal of handmade Moroccan rugs, particularly those with the extremely popular Beni Ourain design, has steadily increased in Western houses.

Many of the flooring in the house are decorated with old Moroccan rugs from the 20th century and more modern contemporary designs. While some rugs are displayed as wall art so that their artistic qualities can be appreciated. Any area can benefit from their intriguing geometric, abstract, or tribal designs as a focal point.

To show how the vintage style with the new, the traditional with the contemporary can work in so many interesting and exciting ways, interior designers have blended these rugs with modern interiors.

Despite this more recent examination of traditionally woven Moroccan Berber carpets, less is known about their fascinating past and the various tribal rug designs that exist.

Because we buy closer to the source, we are frequently able to provide customers a brief overview of the history of their carpet and its origins. At Nomad33, we feel that the actual worth and beauty of these rugs may be appreciated by studying their past.

Moroccan rugs are unmatched in terms of attractiveness on the market, especially the ones with tassels. The designs of these rugs are often straightforward, but the colors are sophisticated and energizing. Furthermore, they are braided and shaped so flawlessly that it will be difficult for anyone to resist them. Stepping across this carpet will bring you comfort that you might not find elsewhere.

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