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Have you ever heard about Beni Ouarain Rugs from Morocco?


Beni Ourain is the most popular style of rugs in Morocco. These items are usually known for their neutral colors, minimalist style and geometric patterns. These beautiful rugs are definitely attention grabbing and spread joy whereever they are. These rugs can be identified by the geometric black or brown diamond patterns that are arranged on a natural backdrop of creamy background.

We have prepared for you 4 reasons why do you need to have such a beautiful art at your home.


  1. The enduring beauty of Moroccan rugs

Although having a long history, Moroccan carpets continue to be one of the most popular interior design elements worldwide their quality and their timeless elegance go hand in hand. One of the most trending carpets right now is without a doubt the Moroccan Beni Ouarain collection, which draws designers and fans of home design with its charming minimalism. (The greatest example is that you can find plenty of Beni Ouarain carpet pictures trending on Pinterest).


  1. Moroccan rugs fit to any interior design

Traditional Beni Ourain Moroccan carpets are distinguished by a basic design that matches any interior design aesthetic, whether it's a minimalist apartment or a lively artistic atmosphere. The design of these oriental beauties that is well-known and widely accepted.


  1. The vintage style of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are modest art pieces that will only get more expensive with time. Beni Ourains may be proud of both magnificent architecture and history, but prouder with their enchanting carpets.  Berber tribes have lived in the Atlas Mountains for centuries, specifically the Riff Range near Taza. In the process, they have developed extremely distinctive art forms, including the lovely and useful craft of rug making. Because of their distinctive style, this particular collection of carpets was separated from other Moroccan weavings and given the name of their creators.


  1. Moroccan rugs and coziness

These beauties are extremely warm and cozy, you may envision what it might be like to walk on a cloud when you are on one. Their downy texture gives the space a "home aspect," which makes us feel comfortable, warm, and at ease. An important necessity for lofts and industrial design.

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