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The traditional Moroccan carpet, this ancestral heritage considered an art object in its own right, is a true testimony to the cultural and civilizational wealth of the Kingdom and the artistic creativity of the Moroccan artisan.

With its lively and varied colors and its typical and harmonious geometries, this authentic piece fascinates and seduces Moroccans and foreigners.

This artistic expression linked to the history and traditions which makes the pride of the Moroccan craft industry, differs from a region to another, according to its specificities and its own characteristics.

When you buy a carpet, only dazzled by the colors and materials, you can't imagine how much you are becoming the custodian of a fragment of one of the strongest symbols of the East.

The metaphor of the carpet is found very often in the Koran. The different interpretations of "God has spread the earth like a carpet" abound and the carpet becomes a symbol, a painting, a book that reveals and translates man.

It is the prayer rug, the wedding rug, the cemetery rug or simply the domestic rug and of course the flying rug of popular tales that flies by magic thanks to the calligraphy with which it is decorated and only if its passenger has a pure heart.

Whatever its use, it has its own coding and tells its own story.

The carpet craft is a real economy, an important income that in Morocco continues to support many villages and tribes.

This knowledge is transmitted from mother to daughter. The men intervene only to trade or sell. It takes the purest wools, natural dyes, adapted looms and creative human hands to make this object live.

The traditional carpet is a means of artistic expression, the transmission of an ancestral knowledge. It is unique and always carries a different message. The carpet is rather of Berber tradition and very present in the Moroccan south. The region of Ouarzazate hosts one of the nerve centers of this production, known worldwide, the center Ait Ouaouzguit. On the road of the thousand Kasbahs, small production centers and cooperatives abound, it is necessary to stop there, to be carried away by the forms and the colors to discover its dream of carpet there.

The rural Berber carpet of the Atlas is probably the most representative and the most known of the Moroccan production. The decorations and geometriesare exceptional, bright and harmonious.

There are so many qualities, different workings of the material that we cannot list them all. Just a word about Kilims, which are made of wool or silk. A single piece can take up to 9 months of work. The Taznakht carpet, one of the oldest carpets made in Morocco, is a true work of art, made with care and love.

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