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The Founder

A Story of Travel, Art, and Passion.

Much like anything in life, Berber rugs, before they were means to embellish and adorn a room, were used for something else. Before they were woollen canvases that exhibit traditional art, the rugs merely provided comfortable seating and a sensationally smooth feeling.

Not only that, but ancient tribes and villages used to embody their values, hope and wishes in rugs. They depicted, creatively, a sense of community and their affinity for one another. And that, in turn, affected most — if not all of the inhabitants of these villages.

Amin’s grandparents were Berber rug weavers. And due to the transition of the modern world, they were forced to use their weaving techniques as a means of generating income. Inspired by two creative and meticulous weavers, Amin gained profound admiration for this craft. And so began a chapter in his life that will not only define his career choices — but also his decisions in life.

Early Beginnings - Growing Fond of Art.

Later in life, when Amin paints his first painting, uncomely, as it was, it opened many doors that he decided to enter. Inspired by anything that’s radiant, bright-coloured, or eccentric, Amin developed a passion for art - especially traditional art.

His works have gone unnoticed, except by his family and close friends. And while timidness is highly unlikely a trait found in artists, Amin, since his earliest days, was determined to get his work out there.

The house Amin grew up in was filled with hospitality, an appreciation for art and Moroccan culture, and more importantly - rugs! At the time, he did not know that these floor coverings would later become his main focus.

Upon realizing that art isn’t a desired requirement within the job market, Amin had to roll up his sleeves for ‘real work’. Trying his best to include his passion for his future position, He decided to study tourism. That way, he thought, travelling for work would also yield other passionate benefits and artistic inspirations.

And much like every sterling artist, when their passion is on the horizon, all roads lead to the outcome they long for - getting their work out there.

Amin’s Professional Life and Inspiring Travels.

Amin’s decision to study abroad granted him numerous artistic advantages. For one, he discovered the city’s various landmarks that date back to 880AD. Setting one’s eyes on ‘Alhambra’ will surely spark their imagination, and even more so when the eyes are that of an aspiring artist. 

After learning the tricks of the trade, gaining tourism knowledge and insight, and eventually starting his very own travel agency in Spain, being the perfectionist he is, Amin dominated in his field. His fondness of art and hospitable Moroccan attitude had allowed him global recognition. With clients from all over the world, the business boomed and sated Amin’s professional desires.

However, something was missing. Something that was more than mere emolument. When he was asked about his thoughts on the travel industry and his business, he had this to say:

“There were moments where I felt I was trapped. What I once thought would award me the artistic satisfaction I yearned for only made me feel even more enclosed. I knew I had to do something about this feeling. Eventually, I figured that I needed to connect with people on a deeper level, I had to surround myself with artists, people that create and inspire. I had to realize my childhood dream.”

After that self-reflecting moment, Amin decided to connect with his hometown, the roots that never stopped giving - Marrakech.

Being of Berber origins, Amin headed to the one place he was sure wouldn’t disappoint. A place filled with art, awe-inspiring landscapes, and most of all - meticulous weavers. With each gasp of fresh Atlas Mountains’ air, Amin felt one step closer to his dream.

The hospitality of this place, the amazing people and friendly locals only made him more sure of his decision. Leaving it all behind did not seem like a daring decision after all.

The traveller within Amin never left. He used his expertise to roam the Moroccan territory. Later on, a calling would reach his soul. A calling made by treasures that inhibit the High Atlas Mountains. These treasures are hard-working, meticulous, and the most jubilant beings on God’s green earth - the Berber women of the Atlas. In Amin’s words:

“Women in the Atlas Mountains are the essence of Nomad33. They are the ones that create and give my conceptions life. Without them, there wouldn’t be a Nomad33, and I would’ve probably taken a different direction. I am eternally grateful for them. In my eyes, they’re absolute gems, and they are hugely underappreciated.

*Jaques Majorelle’s Souk Zarbia. It’s like this was intended for us!

A Collection of Art, Ingenuity, and Creativity.

Nomad33 serves as an attestation of the innumerable inspirations throughout Amin’s journey, as well as a claim of gloriousness towards the Berber women weavers of the Atlas. Together, Amin and his angels will continue creating masterpieces that embellish, inspire, and comfort.

*An ancient and traditional Riad door and pottery on display at our Nomad33 Studio & Gallery